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  1. Alright...today we will be updating one of the most important thing for most people.... Our 3D Drawing! This basically gives you a overall visual expectation of how your home will look like after completion. As we mention before, we have outsource the Master bedroom wardrobe & study room cabinet. The one in the 3D drawing is not the actual thing. We will share about it at the next post
  2. Yeap.. we are kan jiong spider. Need to move in to our new house soon so we already found our ID
  3. Okay~ Time to share our ID experience! We approached about 6 ID and also 1 contractor, some ID also shown us their on going project upon request. Our first approach was to find Contractor J, but like most contractor, he only do on site quotation. We wanted to start planning and designing first so once we collect keys can start work straight away. Therefore, we skip contractor and focus on searching ID. Let's start of our first experience with Add S****. Approached them at a road show to ask for a quotation, that's our very 1st time talking to a ID so we are not really sure how to communicate with them...but...after sitting down with him, he did not use any floor plan or drawing to give us the quotation. Just ~PEN & PAPER~ No drawing, just hand written rough quotation.All in all, it's a very bad experience for us as he just wanted us to pay deposit without giving any proper quote. Thus, we skip the roadshow caz they are more pushy to close the deal within the day to hit sales target. The second ID we approach Ch** Interior, The moment we sat down, show him our floor plan..TA-DA! Detailed drawing & great explanation to us what should we look out for. He told us he need 3 days to draft the quotation and say until "Wu Leng Wu Hor" BUUUUUT...we didn't receive any official quotation from him after 1-2 week ! We text him twice to follow up but still no quotation from him so we strike him off our list immediately ~ So.. heading advice from my wife's sister, we should try approaching We*K**. She suggested that we should find well known company and we did try... BUTTT.. its a total waste of effort. We sat down for only 30 min but the ID was like talking non-stop. He recommended all the things that we do not need although we clearly told him what we wanted. The quote turn out to be almost 40K! Immediate strike off from our list About 1 or 2 years back, wifey gotten 2 quotes from fellow RenoTalk Forumers..so we decided to try our luck there after researching their profile online. I will start off with Mr K from DeF*** first. We had a good impression of him on our first meeting, while explaining to him our requirement, he also showed us some of his completed project and proposed idea. However, wifey and myself thought that his design lacks a 'WOW' factor. So we just KIV his quotes. But I would say his quote was quite reasonable. We did request for his actual site but he already handed over most of his projects when we approach him so no comments on his workmanship. He doesn't seem to have much project also.. The second ID which is also our CHOSEN ONE, MR A from INSP***! They are active on their FB, so we went through their profile and past projects. One thing different from other ID company is that they post handover picture online instead of only 3D drawing. We all know 3D drawing has nice effect and always turn out good but handover picture is what we are looking for, as it shows the actual work done. We went through their profile and has the 'WOW' factor that got us. The first meet with Mr A are pretty much SOP, but we felt comfortable. We subsequently get to view his great workmanship from his on-going project and signed up with him on our 3rd meeting. Mainly because of his good workmanship and flexibility. He knew what we want and need clearly. We didn't have to explain much for him to get our idea and he gave some good recommendation on the layout. Before we signed up with Mr A, we also approached Mr T from Urb** Design. He is a nice guy and gave us really attractive quotes. HOWEVER.... He has a habit of being late, not like 10-15min, but 1 to 2 hours. We met him twice and he made us wait twice. That was not the main reason we strike him off though. He couldn't seems to understand what we want and for every minor thing that we requested he always add cost to our quote. We can't really blame him cause he seems to be new as a ID and had to ask his manager for every single thing. All in all, we were not really good at bargaining, my wife's sister end up engaging same ID as us but her quote was much cheaper. We have no regrets though, just hope by earning "more" from us, he will do a better job for us and the renovation will turn out great!
  4. Hello All! Thanks to all fellow T-blogger in renotalk, we have learnt much and finally get to start our very own T-Blog! Here is our floor plan for 4room BTO at Fernvale Rivergrove. We've opt-in for HDB tiles and doors. And heres our self drawn concept on what we plan to do. We spent around 1 month plus meeting 6 different ID and finally found our right one! The next post will share more about our ID meeting process and we'll collecting keys next week! So excited ~