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Found 18 results

  1. Hi, I'm a writer from an interior design & home magazine. I'm doing a feature article on people who've read Marie Kondo's book(s), tried her methods and failed at decluttering/organising. If you're interested, note that I will need to do a shoot with you as it is a feature, and there'll be no anonymity, for credibility purposes. Reply to this if you're keen, thank you it'll really help me out a lot! Especially because I'm a new writer and it's my first feature article!
  2. SENGKANG HDB 4-ROOM MODEL 4A UNIT FOR SALE! * No agent fees Very well maintained and clean unit Marble and parquet flooring Convenient and accessible location - 1 min to LRT station, 7 mins to Sengkang MRT station Plenty of amenities around including Sports Complex, supermarkets, shopping malls, eateries, ATM and movie theater Within 1km from Nan Chiau Primary/ High School All races and Permanent Residents (PR) are eligible Please drop me a private message or call me at 8170 7241 for a discussion.
  3. my flat is coming and we will be blowing out budget at our wedding. looking for some simple home decor that isn't expensive but yet stylish. hoping to make my house look somewhat like this avoiding expensive built in carpentry. like this airy feel at home no clutter
  4. Hi fellows, for those of you who have raised wooden decking in your balcony, may I know how do you thoroughly clean the space beneath your decking? Particularly for those who grow a lot of potted plants there, I observed any fair bit of gardening will make soil & dirt creep between the gaps & below the decking.
  5. Link: http://ninglife.com/collections/vacuum-cleaners/products/robot-vacuum What is the different with your other Vacuum Robot model? This is the latest generation of robot and has many improvements over the previous generation of robots. Now it has a improved motor, with better suction and is also quieter, it also comes with a double sided brush instead of one, the wheels have better suspension, an additional fine polish brush, mop attachment, HEPA filter, UV, more cleaning patterns and programmes and using Lithium-ion battery (longer battery life and more charging cycles over Ni-mh batteries). You may do a full function comparison to latest model of Samsung and iRobot on features and specifications. How long does it take for delivery? Current delivery time for this product will take 2-4 weeks upon order, orders will be delivered on a first come first serve basis. Do you have spare parts available for sale? Yes, we have the following parts available for sale: Virtual WallA pair of side brushesMop attachmentHEPA filterVacuum top coverCharging adapterMain/Fine brush replacementFront wheelDocking stationRemote control Link: http://ninglife.com/collections/vacuum-cleaners/products/robot-vacuum
  6. Link: http://ninglife.com/collections/air-purifier/products/ning-umbrella-air-purifier-smart-led-table-lamp-home Link: http://ninglife.com/collections/air-purifier/products/ning-umbrella-air-purifier-smart-led-table-lamp-home
  7. Link: http://ninglife.com/collections/air-purifier/products/indoor-car-purifier Ultra quietProduces anion at 8 million pcs/cmConsumes less than 1 wattInternational advanced nanometer photocatalytic coating technologyIdeal size for desk or car100% quality assurance more efficient purification
  8. Link: http://ninglife.com/collections/air-purifier/products/ball-vt600 V600T Magiclight Ball Air purifier Ionizer that eliminates secondhand smoke in 6-10 seconds, removing and formaldehyde all day Removes the following: Secondhand smoke Airborne dust Renovation of harmful gases Car exhaust Flu virus Cooking fumes Low power consumption of 0.07 volt Product features: The world’s leading technology of nano photocatalyst coating was adopted. The harmful gases in the air can be rapidly catalytic processed. High concentration of anion. Negative ions concentration at the top 10cm distance MagicLight Ball is 8x100million/cm3 33 LED lights shine together 4. It can both decorate indoor space and beautify the environment Link: http://ninglife.com/collections/air-purifier/products/ball-vt600
  9. Link to purchase: http://ninglife.com/collections/air-purifier/products/isaucerb-purifier 100% quality assurance more efficient purification Two national patent intellectual property protections CHC national energy efficient environmentally friendly products The most advanced nano-particle size 5.5 photocatalyst air purification technology State Environment Quality Supervision and Inspection Center of Qualified Removes the seven main causes of air pollution Product specifications: Model – i-Saucer-B Main Technology – Photocatalyst, LED, Negative Ions Anion Output – 6 million pcs/cm3 Power consumption - <0.3W Input – DC 5V 200mA Effective Area – 25 m2 Product size – 16*16*6.6cm Color – Black Certification: CB, CE, CSA, EMC, EMF, ETL, GS, LFGB, RoHS, SASO, UL, URX Link: http://ninglife.com/collections/air-purifier/products/isaucerb-purifier
  10. Link: http://ninglife.com/collections/air-purifier/products/bomb-home-dehumidifer What is a magiclight ball Ionizing Air purifier? An air purifier is a household appliance that increases humidity (moisture) in a single room or in the entire house. There are point-of-use humidifiers, which are commonly used to humidify a single room, and whole-house or furnace humidifiers, which connect to a home’s HVAC system to provide humidity to the entire house. Why should we need one? You should keep a humidifier on hand in case you or a family member becomes ill. Humidifiers can ease breathing when you are congested as well as make coughs from colds or croup more productive to help you bring up phlegm. A humidifier can also help your nasal passages not dry out when you are sick. The regulation of air humidity in the home is important to your health. Excessively dry air promotes dehydration of the eyes, skin, nasal passages and upper respiratory tract, leading to the possibility of microbial and viral infection. Moisture content in the air is heavily influenced by temperature, air circulation and amount of water vapor available. Add some aroma diffuser oil, relax in the comfort of your own home by increasing indoor air moisture and create a healthier environment. Suitable for use in: Living rooms, study, bedrooms, children rooms and toilets. Office air-conditioned environment, the bathrooms, tea and smoking rooms. KTV, chess and card rooms, sauna bath centers, halls and guess rooms. Product features: The ultrasonic atomization technology is adopted. The water can be transformed into a fog without the additional of chemical agent and without heating. The air humidifier is novel unique and fashionable in design. Usable at home and at office space. The mist size can be adjusted freely. Humidification can be transformed by yourself. It can be reached super dust removal, sterilization, air purification effect through the photolysis of function and the release of a large number of negative ions. The effect of negative ions is refreshing. It can help user eliminate fatigue. Furthermore, it can both decorate indoor space and beautify the environment. The advantage of the product is saving the resources, and no need to replace parts, high efficiency and energy saving, zero noise. Product advantages Fine design and humidifying and bringing you beauty of vision Building in safe equipment, automatically cut-off power when lacking water With ultrasonic atomizer, saving energy, using for long life. Convenient: Ultrasonic low voice design and with a switch, adjusting amount of mist as you need. Product Specification Model – BOMB Brand name – Magiclight Ball Coverage area – 20m2 Noise <36db Technology – Ultrasonic atomization Operating temperature – 5-400c Power – 20W Weight – 2kg Voltage – 220V Product size – 200mm*200mm*H215mm Capacity – 1.5L Humidification quantity – 250ml/h Mist output – 1.5gal/day Certifications: CB, CE, CSA, EMC, EMF, ETL, GS, LFGB, RoHS, SASO, UL, URX Link : http://ninglife.com/collections/air-purifier/products/bomb-home-dehumidifer
  11. Link: http://ninglife.com/collections/air-purifier/products/car-air-purifier 1. Create anions, which effectively purify the smoke in the car, and prevent harm caused by second hand smoke. 2. React with the oxygen in the air, which eliminates all kinds of odor and disinfects the car, in order to make the air in the car pure and clean. 3. Collect the dust by electrostatic, which generates high voltage at 6,000V (low current, safe with outer protection case), it is also able to absorb the particles as well as kill the bacteria at 0.1ug. It is convenient to clean as well. 4. Have an activated carbon filtration system, which effectively absorbs the harmful gases, such as ammonia and benzene, at effective rate above 96%. Features 1. ESP Static Dust Collection Tube Group The device adopts strong electromagnetic field to make the dust floating in the air charge, when the electric air pass through the ESP static dust tube group, not only the big particles will be adsorbed, but also the air will not be blocked. 2. Activated carbon filter The device can absorb the harmful gases in car, which can remove the ammonia and benzene through the treatment by the activated carbon. The adsorption rate can reach 96% and above.The design of the plug is very user friendly in terms of cleaning and changing. 3. Ozone timing sterilizer Ozone output: 100mg/h, 5,15,30 minutes ozone timing. 4. Ionizer purification Anion output: 5,000,000 ions/ cm3,. It can remove the second hand smoke in the car effectively to improve the air quality and to prevent the air conditioning diseases while you are driving. Product Usage 1. Insert the product into the cup holder of the car, and insert the adapter into the cigarette lighter in order to connect it. 2. Turn on the switch, make sure the ion function works, adjust the fan to "1", press the right fan key to adjust the speed of the fan, which has "1" "2" "3" different model ; press the left ozone timing sterilization key to adjust the sterilization time, which has "5" "15" "30" minutes model. Product Maintenance 1. Dust Collection Gate: Open the back cover of the product, take out the dust collection gate and wash it, then dry it and install it in the same place, no need to change it (wash it every 10 days is recommended). 2. Activated Carbon Filter: Suggest to wash the activated carbon filter every one month, the washing method is the same as that of dust collection gate(change the filter every year is recommended). Link: http://ninglife.com/collections/air-purifier/products/car-air-purifier
  12. PrawnMee

    idea - living

    From the album: Project Shoebox

  13. PrawnMee

    idea - kitchen

    From the album: Project Shoebox

  14. PrawnMee

    idea - bedroom

    From the album: Project Shoebox

  15. PrawnMee

    idea - kitchen

    From the album: Project Shoebox