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  1. looks like this wire designs are in trend and i see this on every one pinterest profile
  2. we are not spending too much on our wedding but it kinda wipe out a big part of the savings unfortunately. its not a very grand wedding but as little as we can, but some things cant avoid. if you are chinese with traditional parents who insist traditions, u will understand.
  3. my flat is coming and we will be blowing out budget at our wedding. looking for some simple home decor that isn't expensive but yet stylish. hoping to make my house look somewhat like this avoiding expensive built in carpentry. like this airy feel at home no clutter
  4. Yes i think JB have something similar its around RM600. but i think it would go better with a bulb like this
  5. After i saw this picture on another thread. Im so keen to jump start this project! The thing about buying a assembled version of this in lighting shops are ridiculously expensive! $150 of just 1 of this is just crazy!
  6. Does anyone know where i can get this tom dixon lamp in SG?
  7. you can try them. saw that they did for Bryan Wong TV show http://www.contatdecor.blogspot.sg/2011/10/renaissance-episode-7-minimalist.html
  8. Oh mine i love the black version of the cage. Was browsing around for the cage as well. the closest i found this morning is white lamp with gold cage. Kinda nice but will like the black ones too.
  9. this is the vid on youtube that uses just cloth string and nail polish. wrap the nail polish soak string around the bottle and light it on fire, then after a while dunk it into cold water. the sudden temperature change will make a perfect cut on the glass. but i reckon it will be very sharp so need to sand it off with the gray stone they used to sharpen knifes. At first i got this same idea with ABSOLUT but i was too worried with the weight. in the end i decided to go with Campbell soup cans, those large ones that restaurants use. havent got them yet thou. but the idea with the metal interior will add additional reflection to the table and once the label age and turn yellow it will look pretty vintage.
  10. i got some planks for this door manufacturer in bedok. They cut to my size and they have plywood, and other timber material. Try calling them Contat Decoration tel 6442 4904
  11. nloft

    Berry Stool

    They do make nice furniture for my kid and the she can keep her toys inside. height is ok for children i guess, no sharp corners and very wide and stable, so kid wont fall or get hurt. I'm thinking of buying 4pcs around my coffee table. Any users and feedbacks??
  12. Hi everyone, have anyone bought this stools before? I just saw this on facebook and wonder if its really that good to pay $59.90 for 1. I have seen several shops selling them at $59 and also some online shops are selling $40+ the design is quite cool but seems a bit on the high side.