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  1. Anyone knows where can I get cardboard boxes for packing? We’re doing renovation and everything must be put in boxes so the contractor can move them around as they are doing room by room. Thanks!
  2. The bulk of the cost would be the rental and initial setup. Thats in case you want to do something properly, not just a place to "work" but also a place where like minded people can meet, sit down for a coffee and discuss ideas... That requires quite a lot of capital and the returns will not be quick...
  3. the "Timber" in the company name is a bit misleading ?
  4. Need a small block or thick (2-3cm) metal sheet for different home uses as anvil. Basically a steel bench block. 10-20cm x 10 cm and 3cm thick woudl do.. But I am not so particular about size (it's just a piece of metal that will get hammered alot ) Anyone knows where to get such thing ? Or anyone has a piece of spare metal lying around ?
  5. Anyone can point me to a shop for custom cut (mostly rectangular shaped) wood. Different types, soft/hard and plywood.
  6. you can try one of the plexi cutting services. they might charge slightly more for raw material, but maybe you can use there services for custom cut plexi. I am using Plixo (plixo.com.sg) on Leng Kee Road ... and so far their service was quite good.
  7. I never noticed them. I'll have a look. Thanks.
  8. Anyone knows where I can buy this ? I just need one piece, not bulk purchase
  9. depends on the material. there is metal, plastic, wood paint... or could be a mix... But surely need a thick layer to change black to white....
  10. anyone knows where I can get some ? (yes, I know, need to be handled with extreme care)
  11. moonshine

    Diy Help

    you got to be a little more detailed in what you want. I woudl guess some wall hacking is to be involved unless if you want it external... again, more details are needed... word of advise, electricity is not to be played with (just in case you didnt know). best if you can switch off the main m or at least the specific branch you will be working on.
  12. Anyone know where I can get fiberglass cloth (or matting) and resin in small quantities (for DIY projects) ?
  13. I just figure this out. wine boxes make a good source of pine wood... if you need to "merge" a few smaller planks, Daisho ($2 shop) sells some thin strips of pine wood as well) Good luck ! (great idea btw. my son is 11months only but soon I will make one for him... )
  14. I've decided to go with a different approach. Instead of buying new planks (which still, only IKEA seams to be the source for) I will go with used wine crates. I have a few acquaintances working in wine shops and I've started collecting some wine boxes. Once I reach at least 10-15, I can take them apart and re-asamble them to form a large box. Somehow this approach seams to be more fun! (i shared this in case someone else might find the use of wine boxes a solution - like the guys who wanted to build a oversize ruler (to make kids height) )
  15. I'm planning a balcony herb garden and I need some custom size cut wood planks for the box. The wood can be of a lower quality, and light (pine?) Anyone know a carpenter where I can get that ? I intend to assemble the box myself, I just need the cut planks. Thanks.