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  1. hi, keep your room airy and the smell should go down to a mild level within a week or so. There's no inherent danger in varnish solvent unless you try to sniff it in large quantity like a glue sniffer. Yes, to redo your varnish, you will first grind away most of the old layer. It's Berger Poly, I think you wouldn't need to test for toxin. Can always get your kids to sleep in another room for the next 2 weeks to be safe.... it will be like an adventure for them. good luck bro. Teck Chye
  2. hi there, for simple ones... I guessed ikea is your best choice...... I saw a table meant for kitchen island which has wheels on them. if you really want to build one, you can get your materials from a h/w store, preferably one that is located in some industrial estate. Those are much better than your Home Fix or Self Fix. if all else fails, you can always buy at Horme
  3. tantc

    22.5 Degree Cuts

    very interesting post.#1 but then again, you did asked nicely....
  4. hiya, my opinion is that if you try drill into walls with this drill, you'll get more frustration than anything. You should always get a electrical wall powered drill for that. but if you get it for driving screws and drilling holes in wood, it will probably be okay, but not heavy duty usage. alternatively, you can get a pretty good Bosch for screws and wood holes and pay maybe $50 more ? Teck Chye
  5. cool my friend, I just did a request join on the facebook group. It's good to have a group of hobbyists share knowledge. Is the above a guide rail for circular saw ? nice, where did you buy that ? I started off doing cabinets for the house as well. Learnt along the way. Now I'm playing with recycled pallet wood. Next project might be a double decker bed probably from 1" plywood.
  6. add me to your list then.... pocket holes are very useful. I use them all the time... I bought the kreg mini via Amazon cos frankly, I hate the idea of paying so much for something that basically allows you to drill holes at an angle. Those kreg pocket hole screws are very good however. I bought those. The wood plugs are useless in Singapore weather. They expands because of our humility. If you want them to fit, put the plugs in a microwave and whack them for like a minute so that it would shrink a little. cheers
  7. anyone consider a jetspray ? admittedly, it's a bulky item to store. but hey, no use of chemicals. And that's a good thing.
  8. I didn't think I can come up with a fool proof design. Eventually, I changed to an induction cooker and also a ifra red cooker. https://www.google.com.sg/search?q=ifra+red+cooker&oq=ifra+red+cooker&aqs=chrome..69i57.8487j0j4&sourceid=chrome&es_sm=93&ie=UTF-8 With the maid being not too trustworthy, I'm afraid that a particularly strong gush of wind and blow off the flame while we are doing soup for example and no one would notice until it becomes a hazard. oh.. and a slow cooker for soup basically completes my flameless kitchen...
  9. hi, you should look for something call floor screed... which is meant for the floor. Google and you will know what I mean. your cement should be pretty thick, at least 4cm. I think if you just layer that much cement on top of the kitchen, you might break some building code. heh.... yeah, and it's not easy to layer as well, as pentiumpc said..... perhaps you should find a small area to try out before you go big bang.
  10. hi, I think if you remove that metal cap, you would probably see the electric terminator. Make sure your unit's main power supply is off before you remove it. Better safe than sorry. I think extending the rod would be tough because you gotta hunt for a new rod and that's not easy. It's easier to run a chain down . That means, the Y connection that your current 2 chains are, will be shifted down. I wouldn't suggest just running a cable down without a chain and just let that cable bear all the weight. A chain is stronger and can be more flexible during windy situation. cheers Teck Chye
  11. hi there, Clive, when you mention 'fund'... you intend to try this out as a business which will eventually bear fruits ? that's a nice ambition. I have been to XPC by homefix and saw their setup. They offer the cheapest workshop sharing concept I see so far. About $300 per month. Yeah, moonshine is right. Unless your have cheap space readily available, it would be a tough uphill battle. Equipment would cost a modest budget as well.... Buying table saw and planer, band saw, miter saw will cost quite abit. I think probably 6-7K to outfit a workshop for a start. okie, if you guys do see potential in this. it's always great to organise coffee somewhere and if anything, we can share some experiences. I see possible revenue coming from conducting courses in woodworking or other DIY areas. Start a email list ? mine is teck_chye@yahoo.com btw, I find it hard to attach photos to this forum. I'll stick a photo from my facebook album. Let me know if you guys can see the above photo. I have a modest workshop now utilising some free space. Got a rigged table saw, I bought a miter saw as well and I got a bunch of sander....
  12. hi, do snap some photos and show us ya !
  13. hi, did I read correctly ? barn door ? cool... if you're in Singapore, you can visit some hardware shop to ask. You shouldn't be approaching retail shops like Home-Fix or Self-fix. But hardware shops that supplies to contractors. I have seen roller tracks meant for glass. You can probably DIY them easily ...
  14. IMHO, hand drills are not very useful. Buy a simple electric drill and it can come in pretty handy in many situation. I always prefer a reputable brand. I saw a drill from Bosch going for like $79 or $89 at homefix. don't be tempted to buy a cheap battery operated drill. They are often under powered and the battery is crap. A good battery operated drill will cost more than a electric drill. The drill bit is not categorised by power but different usage. Those used for drilling metal, wood, concrete or glass is not the same. You cannot use a drill bit meant for glass to drill wood or concrete for example. I don't think you need to be brand conscious when it comes to drill bit, here'a s photo of it. Remember how to shape looks like. https://www.google.com.sg/search?q=glass+drill+bit&source=lnms&tbm=isch&sa=X&ei=r4lUVYuxNsu2uATJnIGoAw&ved=0CAcQ_AUoAQ&biw=1920&bih=955