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  1. you can use a cooking hob guard. something like this:
  2. looking for advise with em gen2. any advise installing a pendant light in your balcony?
  3. there is a power point in the ceiling. my dilemma is how to extend the short steel pole or extend the chains instead... if extend the chains only. im afraid it will sway like crazy. if extend the steel pole. i dont know where to get that.
  4. Documenting our reno for our 2nd house. Got our keys and we will be using the same contractor who did our first house. Here is our existing layout:
  5. sherwinsm

    My existing

  6. Hi guys, Im currently reusing my existing pendant lamp to place in our balcony em. the balcony has a high ceiling. I need to extend the cable and extend the support for this. My lamp loooks similar to this: Can anyone help how i should go about doing this?
  7. i suggest buy the drill that has speed control. so you can slowly drill at start and speed up when halfway.
  8. you can diy this by buying drill bit for tiles.
  9. laminates using click-lock to join, shouldn't be a problem on the connection. there are many suppliers of laminate floors. you can try supreme or evorich.
  10. you can try mine. my contractor will be doing our 2nd home soon. for me, contractors really depends on the one who you talk to. my contractor's company are not really popular, their marketing is mainly based on reviews from previous clients thats why they seldom advertise. for me, i am quite satisfied with our previous renovation, and the guy is super friendly and became a family friend after our 1st reno.
  11. anyone staying here at em along tampines ave 5
  12. you can use laminate flooring as feature wall. thats what i intended to use. its comparable to price of vinyl flooring but with a wide range of designs as well.
  13. Actually im not doing the laminated cabinets, it will be from previous owner and we would like to retain them since it is still in good condition. Well, another is becoz our budget is really tight so our renovation will be very tight as well. I cannot show now since i havent got the keys but here is the balcony from outside