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  1. i was quoted 288 for the combo, dont know what model but it looks like the condo exp type. Mixer is seperate. Is that a good deal?
  2. I am using a gaz flame for my wok, it fits well, except that my kitchen gets windy and the draft is pushing the fire away constantly. There is no way to close the window... Is there a way to make a little 'cover' around the outer iron cast support, to prevent the wind from coming thru? Looking for something esthetic too as my cooker is tempered black glass. thanks
  3. Can I have your input on instant heaters for shower? Thinking of water balloon 25L for 2 toilets, 4 pax in the family. Some say it takes a lot on the electricity bill, but can I turn it on only when I need it? Otherwise, been looking at instant heater options, what brands are good and fast heating water? Aerogaz has a deal for $139, heater S895, including rain shower and hand shower.... Sounds cheapest I have found. Other brands I am thinking of is 707. Help?
  4. I am upgrading to system 3, so selling Panasonic system 2, 9+9 units. Model number CS-C9KKZW 2 years old, very good condition still, so don waste a deal. name your price, but pls be reasonable. Pick up amk av10. pm me for pic
  5. hey Brightlights, Did u get a response on your price match from kallang? Am curious, as i am about to shop w them, and if the price match really holds up, did they say how long is the period ? Is it up to the time u pay in full or to delivery date that they will match the diff? thanks Hope you are enjoying your elec now.
  6. Hi there, Can share where u bought the systems? I am looking for system 3 starmax, Gain city is giving 5 year warranty but charging $3499, while IMM charging $3049 for only 1 year. Is it any worth to buy the extra warranty? It seems that many places are selling the same price, who to go to then? Thanks
  7. I would really appreciate any feedback on my options for cooker hob Induction hob EF brand 2 zone Total power 3.7kw $719 Is it too much power for HDB 3R flat? Gaz single hob EF brand $279 Is Ef a good brand? Read in the forum that the gaz fr EF is flickering or orange, anyone has advice to share? I cant afford a Brandt or higher, and I do need both induction and gaz, so settling for the half half domino. Also, is the EF slim suction hood a good price? At $259, I find it very nice looking with black glass n slick design. If not EF, what brands are within my price range? Anyone w stores to recommend for good prices, pls post them too. Thank you
  8. Hi everyone, I am a newbie renov my place. Tight budget so will anyone with good lobang for these items pls share 1) Kitchen sink, (looking for 56cm or longer single stainless steel, good quality sink) Quoted $330 at Hoe Kee for Roz 61cmX48cm. It looks very good quality 2) Kitchen mixer, looking for one that is big curve, with a flexi tap that you can pull out and twist around to wash. Quoted $195 at HK. to me, it looks very solid n not flimsy at all 3) Bathroom toilet bowl and sink combo (HDB size) $328. 4) 30L hot water balloon, $280 for italian vs $200 asian brand Are these prices good? So far, been to HK, SSC, and IMM stores. Any warehouse that are good to hunt too? Also, if anyone can point me in the right direction for lights, mainly ceiling soft white round simple energy saving lights, that would be great. I heard Seng Cho is good, and so is Geneva, where are these places? Thank you
  9. Hi all, I am getting a 30cm wide 2 zone induction hob, tog w a single gaz hob. Can anyone give me feedback on these brands of induction or gaz hobs? Kuche 2 zone Induction $488 EF 2 zone induction $719 Brandt induction $998 EF gaz single hob $279 Aerogaz single hob $229 Brandt gaz hob $900 Is Kuche a good choice? I read the specs and the power seems to be the same as EF and Brandt, why the price diff? Thanks
  10. u mean u wana buy old doors? pm me pls. I have a 3BR to get rid off. HDB