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  1. I think can. Because Recently old group friends gathering, i heard my friend doing for afew landed for extension . U can call my friend which is direct builder instead finding designer which take will mark up builder pricing. 94760202
  2. Base on article http://www.premierltg.com/light-fights-led-vs-induction-lighting/ Average of lightspan should be 100,000 hrs For my own recording my New workshop build since 3 Jan 2014. My first Induction light spoilt 29 Oct 15 By right Est 8 to 10hrs per day x 6 days Around of my Caulation: 2 years x 365 x 24hrs = 17520hrs only for my 1st induction light bulb blowed. I had remaining 7 more on the ceiling still working fine. Will keep update if another bulb blew off.
  3. I would like to purchase resales Executive flat whereby currently I had 5 room flat. 1) Should I go to HDB loan or Bank loan? What is disadvantage of bank loan? 2) Should I sell my house first or buy my house first? 3) What is the cost ( est hidden cost if any) for buy and sell a flat? ( example agent told me Valuation cost $1000 ~ and not higher then $4000) but hdb website show $199.25, is there other cost I didn't know) 4) Is there any adv cash for buying house? Agent told me 5% adv to bank if using bank loan. anymore adv cash I didn't know?
  4. Huh? Really starmex not good? My sharp inverters used 15 year and at last spoil, third party service said change compressor not worth and no spare part. They recommended starmex. Now here everyone said is suck. Now should I call sharp to ask if got spare part? Or change air con ?
  5. Hi, Do I need to pay to their agent if I buy a resale HDB? I thought seller will pay their COM? Buyer also need?
  6. Due to my neighbour owe loan shark, I had to plan install CCTV because they bang our door ask for payment due to my neighbour owed $$. That funny. Anyway, what the procedure to install CCTV? report police then? town council apply? then? Also any brand recommend, ( motion and iphone view if possible) with recorder.
  7. I'm from builder and we normally follow ID because builder don't have sales man to listen to owner shouting here and there. ID sales person really damm good listen and know how to work out with different contractors. The quotation I see can easily get $200k before PE , URA BCA approve. those approver from QP is abt 20 ~ 30k. We ever try become own ID by sub out drawing and do coordination work with afew contractors, the most difficult part is owner. so we give up and let ID face the music. So ID get $100k for coordination and their showroom rental and all other staff and overhead, i think i still ok for them to earn this much. However if we engage sales ppl, we might think back become ID film then contractor again as not require spend of materials and levy and so many engineer. Best part, ID's director live in penthouse and we A-A contractor still facing HDB wall for living.
  8. Mostly granite got alot of black marking, black dot design. Not like marble which look neutral cool. But of course, there is some cool color like black granite, black galaxy , black imperial.
  9. congrat to your new house. Just my bad experience, made sure that your false ceilings using so call anti-baterial and fungas. My false ceilings got alot of fungas after stay 3 years later. Keep on clean and clean until i repaint using anti fungas. I suspect the inner wood got water during installation/or transportation. Rainy session. Also depend on your luck...
  10. I had shortlist my search 1) Champs C30V ( heard is same as 707?) 2) Ariston Tiplus P30 ( used back same brand as don't need to re-fitting the pipe) 3) 707 Multi-15 ( expensive, above $400, fitting also not same) 4) any other brand recommend?
  11. Later I will go shopping for heater tank. Which brand should i look for? I heard Amasco is not good base on : http://www.renotalk.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=18578 1)Joven is made in Malaysia? 2) any other brand? 2 question: If i change mode, my exisitng stainless pipe need to re-piping right( due to inlet and outlet not same place)? Does normally when purchase heater, they include doing piping for free or charge?
  12. My Ariston suddenly leak alot alot of water, which cause me wake up during sleeping time abt 3am morning. I saw the waterfall in my common bathroom which is have some distance away from my master bedroom + my room door is close. So amaging how serious of the waterfall. Anyway i am bit lucky as it give away abt 7 years without giving any rust stain ( whereby my both brother house had rust stain and there are newer then mine) maybe mine water storage heater tank is so call " MADE IN ITALY" LOL But support to last more then 10 years right???? heater tank without rust Made in Italy, later i will go and shop around is Ariston still made in Italy
  13. I prefer fingerprint. Do u have one for gate? Anyway during that time, i had consult Affordable luxury & Interlock you at that time, Both said cannot be done. NO choice i LL diy myself. Look bad but better then pro contractor right? My wooden door digital lock also DIY, but that is much much easiler.
  14. My heater just leak off early 3am which i heard some water dropping sound at my common toilet. Is a inner leak and suspect is the inner tank crack. Luckly today is holiday and might go and search for replace a water heater storage tank. Any recommend brand? which can last for 10 years? My last for 8 years and first time give problem.
  15. My company one of the aircon not cold. Called well known for serving industial for air -con. They charge for S$800 for finding leak and servicing and charge up freon. I comment that this 1 unit air-con only S$1300. So he reduce the price to S$500 but no guarantee to find the leak. I was surprise that they using soap water method and 1/2 hrs later, they still can't find the leak and call off the day. So my they didn't not troubleshoot complete. 3 mths later, my HOME air-con also same problem, but this time is system 3. I called another servicing centre - they are very popular and big company too. I don't want to compare the price, but those PRO service ppl using soap method again. They said my air con no leak. But I explain that why the freon is empty in my system. A long arguement with them. I was wonder, since there can open for business and yet give this type of professional result and pursuit me to buy new system. I(myself) work in Navy as tech before, I know how to do this job too. I had no choice by going to EBAY to buy freon dectector and surprise that price from S$45 to S$100 include shipping. To cut short the sentence, I found the leak at the join and complete my job myself. Story: Pls be professional when open a business . I do understand that if 1 team have 1 unit of this device , if they have 20 teams, = S$100x20 = S$2000 But just simple save S$2000 and try to bluff us and dare to ask me to change new air con. WHAT A PRO service