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  1. Ups for the lamps. I have spent over $260 for lamp set A and $150 for lamp set b. Already very good discount.... Brand new somemore
  2. All are brand new lamps.... Had planned for each room to have 2 lamps but in the end not using.
  3. PM sent. All interested parties replied. Lamps still available.
  4. Some lamps for sale. Bought and never used. Lamp Set A: I have a set of 2x table lamp and 1x standing lamp of same design. Brand new. Buy entire set at $160. Table Lamp B: 2x sets of table lamp. Base is made of marble/stone. Cover is made of black strings with white interior to give a softer glow of light. Buy both lamps at $100. Total Height at 50cm. Lamp shade is square at 24cm. Base is 15cm.
  5. Looks like your reno does have some progress!! At least I had not come in for the past 1 week. First: I did boxup for my MBR toilet pipes. The tiler did the tiling on the waterproof pelmet box without problems. The only area they didn't do was the underneath portion which my contractor keep insisting that it'll not hold and when it drops it'll be dangerous. Hence only the vertical sides are tiled. So I guess yours being those new flats shouldn't have any problems as well for tiling of those boxed up areas. Second: Buy a w/m with dryer function. Maybe this will solve the issue of placement and space. Third: Endure and bug your contractor!! I give several calls within a 10mins time span should my contractor don't pick up the call. And importantly, don't release payment if you are not happy with their work. No point giving all the money upfront and they don't do a good job.
  6. The MBR tap... I got a similar but shorter tap that is also flat shaped at the spout area. Due to high water pressure, when you open the tap fully, mine can actually hear the water rushing through the tap. Bought from Hoe Kee. Mine has no filter available for the tap, the water that comes out splashes more than normal round spout tap. Hope yours is better...
  7. It's been a few days since I didn't pay attention to renotalk... Your progress is really good! I can see that you also bought lots of LED strips. hahahaha. How is the RGB type with the remote control? Looks very interesting! So lucky you can have piped gas. My place not available. So how's the progress of the 3D design??
  8. From my place, the plastering 1st round looks very good. Smooth and hardly can see any uneven places. Once painted, can see some area uneven and will need to touch up and repaint. Then with lightings switched on, it'll be even more obvious to see if the surface is smooth and flat. =) Just be prepared there might be touch ups here and there. So remember to insist on nice smooth walls (even if after painting then realise not smooth) since you also have paid $$ for plastering. just my 2 cents.
  9. Just sharing my experience, after the initial plastering, everything looks really smooth and good. The moment the 1st coat of base paint is done, you'll see where to be rectified. During then, it'll be more obvious. (The toughest I think is the ceiling... so if you do entire area false ceiling, then I guess you won't face much problems.) =) Cheers! More photos!
  10. Yeah!! Sofa is about 3m long. Now finishing.... Today assembled ikea dining chairs and also a simple coffee table. Set up the living room sound system, tested the surround sound and do the simple calibration. Then tested the LG smart TV wifi. Smart TV but web browser not yet available... stunned... for those that want smart tv, it's better to research abit rather than hear the sales talk too much. Anyway the clean up can never be finished.... Every 2 days all the dust will simply settle down and have to wipe everything again. All my furniture still have all their plastic wrapping them up. Sobs... When will the dust ever really settle down ah....
  11. So safest just buy the brightest that the shop offers! Or if you can, insist only on those 300 LED per 5m length type. Think it's the maximum already. Then get 5050 version. Double confirm brightest possible. hahaha. Large Photo Printing Anybody got lobang to print canvas like photo then wrap around a wooden frame? I was wondering if I can go bras bersah to print those banners then ask them to wrap. Then can become paintings... What you guys think? Possible? Worth it?
  12. haha... It's simple! On led strips, there's different versions of the 3528 and 5050. You need to compare the no. of LED on the strips and the type of LED on it. Someone was asking me how many LEDS are there on my strip then I realised there's more to just 4D numbers to compare power. Some strips actually have more LED on them. example, 150 leds vs 300 leds on 1 strip. I believe 3528 and 5050 have these configurations. I read online that "3528-LED is smaller size as compare to 5050-LED, every 5050 LED diode actually compose of 3set of 3528-LED diode." Article Source: http://EzineArticles.com/5004968 Hope this help and hope I'm correct ah....