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  1. I was quoted by Mover 168 at $350 including 20pcs cartons, all in no GST. So now the decision is to choose Mover 168 or The Helping Hand. Anybody has any feedback on Mocer 168?
  2. I was quoted by The Helping Hand $280 per load, if additional trip required, additional cost of $140 + $25 (not lift landing) + $50 corridor and loading at the carpark. Price including 20 boxes Soon Seng quoted $550 with unlimited boxes excluding deposit for boxes (pay deposit of $100 and will be refunded when the boxes are returned). Unlimited trips, all in. Mover 168 did not come today. Sigh... but the guy will come tomorrow.
  3. Terence Bro, Citygas installed the heater and delivered the dryer this morning. In fact, when I called them last week for the installation, they told me the dryer is OOS but they'll call their contractor if they have it in stock, if yes, they'll deliver it together. Are the pipes for gas or water? Tot only one outlet for gas? If water, I guess, we need to tell our plumber. However, I the inlet and outlet is fixed on the heater, so I think we do not have a choice. I'm getting quotes for mover, anyone has Jimmy's contact? So far, have called up Soon Seng, Helping Hand and Mover 168.
  4. I'm having led down lights and it's bright enuff for us. In the bedroom, we have 2 led down lights of 9W.
  5. We got the same heater too! Installing tomorrow... Omg I dun like the piping. Dyer dryer is OOS. Shipment only coming in in March. Are you getting the standingrack or wall mounted rack?
  6. Ermmm... maybe you need to extend the table and take at a higher angle? Cheer up....
  7. Farizar We got the kitchen sink from Heritage and faucets oneline www.wholesale-faucet.com
  8. Woohooo... your renovation is progressing very well and faster than mine. Just completed the flooring yesterday and will be taking measurement for the carpentry works tomorrow Can't wait to see your finished product.
  9. Hi Prody/Dreaming Can share the supplier you got for your glass door? Tiling will be completed tomorrow and it's time to invite suppliers to go up to do a site measurement for quotation...
  10. Yo Bro My knowledge is limited.. so forumers please correct me if wrong There are different types of downlights, energy saving ones, normal ones and LEDs. As you are aware, we got our LEDs downlights & panel lights online from China with Samsung chips. Many got the easyscene from Philips but only a limited number of casing is available due to its dimension. The LED strips which I have got will not be bright enough for brightening up the area which I have confirmed after bringing it up for testing. These are only capable of providing mood lighting. Unless you put double strips on it... but not sure how much brighter it will be and that will also mean, you would need a bigger size transformer. LED downlights has a limitation on the liminating angle... so you need to check, that's why we got panel lights for the walkway in the living room. We got the same dryer and heater!!! In the end, we have succumb to accepting the fact that our service yard will be cramp cos I refused to give up the gas dryer as our area does not have much sunlight cos left side of the yard block by staircase and right side block by our rooms so we only have sun from the front and do not think it'll be enough "sunning" for our laundry.
  11. Yo Angel Do show us your loot after you are back... have a good trip and take care!!
  12. Thanks Reiki for dropping by... Have called up Blum and they mentioned that I should be looking at Tandem for the runners & hinges unless I wanna get the metal support instead of using carpentry for the drawers on the side. Initially wanted pull out basket but realized that having drawers would save alot more yet having the same purpose. Thanks to your blog on your kitchen which gave me the inspiration Bro Gnipihz Thank you for giving me some comfort... contractor says the the tiles would be too heavy for the boxup/pelmet and surface is too smooth? However, what has the surface gotta do if you were to do the cement screed? Or is screeding not do-able on pelmet? $460/toilet just for the waterproof pelmet is too expensive for me!! It's chopping on carrot lor 8|
  13. You are so funny... Not hitting you but myself
  14. Hey Angel... Thanks for the contact and the image on the ladder unit from Hafele... We should be buying from Ban Kim Chuan from Bedok for our electrical appliances but learnt over the weekend that Mega Store can match their price so might purchase from Mega since no additional fee for credit card purchase.
  15. Bro gnipihz Do you have a picture of the tiled box up/pelmet for the pipes in your toilets? Could you email me at amoroux@hotmail.sg so that I can show it to our contractor? We are now asking him if others can do it without taking down the box up/pelmet why can't he.... Thanks...