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  1. Been falling sick so No updates...Also been feeling disappointed lately...Haizzzzz Bought this fr Hommage but it seems so different! Do u all agree? Maybe must extend out then look similar? Or I think I need to wear specs lah...Really NO mood....Cheap so cannt complain lor...
  2. Envy yr green fingers! Wish I hv too...MAYB I shd try planting a few. Some IKEA furniture/accessories r good n I had kept them for more than 8yrs. I will b using them again. It depends of which kind of material u choose n hw u take care of it too. Happy for u that everything looks perfectly in place!
  3. I am busying packing up cos I am gg to Bangkok soon! Preparing to shop for more unique decorations... So tired! Luckily left mostly clothings n I hv 10boxes for myself!
  4. My whole carcass is in thick wood and not those thin wood like ikea backing...
  5. Actually this box up was included inside my false ceiling price. Box up is not expensive. Probably abt $200-$400 only.
  6. Hey Bestman33, tks for always supporting my blog n kind compliments...I dun trust my taste alot...lol Hence, felt relieved TAT someone actually like it!
  7. Looks v spacious! Hope to see yr Reno starting soon! All the best!
  8. OM Furniture Thank God! Delivery guys were great! Very careful n it's great experience with them...They sent a wrong coffee table n I only realized after At nite. Rang up the salesman n he willing offered to arrange for an exchange! This is call Service!
  9. Wallpaper is up! Master Bedroom - Sigh I dunno hw to use proper angle to take...Love the wallpaper fr Montella! Great workmanship with NO visible joint lines...This is really 3D n bling bling at nite.. My Living hall... Very 3D also
  10. My spaceship hanging light with Alumix system for my walk in wardrobe It's a U shape walk in wardrobe. Slightly bigger than a store rm so could not take proper pics cos of the angle.
  11. Dun wish to dwell on wat the heck TAT silly ID wanna do... I prefer to chat more abt my Reno progress... Those who r interested then do hang around here..
  12. hi going to reno soon, care to share where to get this ladder unit, i loved it!!!

  13. Actually I did mention that ID in one of the page.. Anyway, juz let him be. Willing seller, happy buyer. It doesn't make a difference if I exposed him as not everyone will wake up...