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  1. You have moved in....congrats! Your place looks very nice n cosy. Enjoy your new place and see you in the neighbourhood
  2. Hi Tiyiz81, your renovation is very nicely done. I like your master bathroom with double sink....looks very spacious. Seems like you are almost ready to move in soon.
  3. Hi tiyiz21, your place is very nice and design is very unique. I like the way you redesign your bedrooms and bathrooms layout at the 2nd level. I think by doing so, your master now gets the city view rather than facing the park. your 1st level also seems to be an complete overhaul. You have created a bedroom actually here and also changed the orientation of your staircase. Interestingly, you made use of the recess area and ultilty room to create the dining area. Thumbs up! it would be exciting to see how the end product look. Jia you!!
  4. Hi Tiyiz81, congrats in getting an EM in Serangoon. Hope you have a smooth renovation journey
  5. We have decided to take on a more conservative and practical layout......as for the kitchen orientation and layout, it definitely gives me a more pleasant feeling than the one I posted earlier.
  6. Thanks bepgof for responding......For peace of mind, i ve decided to select another unit of a different layout. During balloting, i also realise very few choose this layout....maybe we were thinking about the same thing.
  7. I am considering this unit as it is quite unique.......but a bit troubled by the orientation of the kitchen. it is somewhere in the middle of the house ....sandwiched between the living area and the common bathroom. I would like to know if is alright for this type orientation. please feel free to provide feedback. Thanks!
  8. Yes....same probkem. Hope all goes well with your repair work. ID warranty is 2 yrs.
  9. I like your BeeBest rain shower. Do they come in white colour or only one std colour? What is the cost?
  10. hi adidaem, great to meet u again in this blog! Yes....like u, i admit i do make wrong decisions like choosing the wrong vendor and sometimes even wrong design in our renovation. We need to go thru some painful experience to rectify some of these mistakes.
  11. someone shared on this somewhere in the blog. Anyway, alant u are right that our first level grille n window locks are not sufficient. There is a need to install additional security locks particularly so if one is using sliding type of windows.
  12. I am using folding door with a gap above it.....no sure if this is possible with sliding door.
  13. Since there is no window, we asked the contractor to leave a gap above the door.....for ventilation. Can't imagine doing business inside there in totally enclosed space....
  14. Great to see this blog come alive again! After a long absence, I am happy to see new people joining the ranks of EM owners here. I hope to get new ideas from these sharing. I also realise my tblog has 'disappeared' n gone into the renotalk museum....haha
  15. The $2 magic sponge with some dish washing liquid from daiso is cheap n highly effective