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  1. Dear Madeline, can you pm me your tiler's contact and contractor's contact as well? Thank you very much!
  2. Actually, not only birds... there might be lizards, cockroaches etc... You can consider placing those mosquito mesh to prevent those crawlies while having fresh air circulation.
  3. Its only 64sqm. It is in Taman Jurong area. I think i only have an extra common room and bathroom niah... Oh well... i just don't have as much luck as you guys! 😢
  4. Thank you. I had a hard time finding this fridge. This is the slimmest fridge (365litres) that i managed to find as my kitchen is pretty small. You guys can consider this fridge if your kitchen is as small as mine! Its W59cmxD63cmxH181cm.
  5. Mine is a 3rm resale flat. However, it is really small as compared to other resale flats in the market, especially my living and kitchen. That is why i posted some pictures here, to give anyone some ideas on how to save some space.
  6. It is doable. Just imagine your flat like a hotel, e.g. a Club room in the hotel. They will normally have a small dining table near the window...
  7. These are the final photos! This is a picture of my MBR bathroom. The bathrooms are really small! I have since changed the bathroom doors because the quality really sucks... The previous doors are aluminium but they started to give way and are slanted until they touched the floor! Very unacceptable and the contractor was making excuses to change them for me. So, I decided to change to UPVC doors from SiongDoor. It has been 6 months and no slanting of the doors at all! This is a picture of my small kitchen. I managed to find a shelving unit besides my slim fridge! Due to the limited space, this is the best that I can do!
  8. Wah! You managed to find my blog! I did some stuff around the house myself... it was pretty fun though...
  9. This is how my dining cum sofa table looks like: The measurements are W95cm x 60cm x H60cm. This picture shows half the size of my living room... My living room is really that small!
  10. My dining table is my sofa table, which means that i eat while watching tv. Once you don't have a dining table, you can convert that area to be your study area. I got my study table from ikea. I think fortytwo.sg is a good place to shop for cheap furniture.
  11. You guys are so lucky to get a 2rm bto! I have been trying for a year and gave up. Anyways, just an idea. Even though i have a 3rm flat, my living room is really small. Hence, i did not buy a dining table and chairs. Instead, i bought a small table of 55cm height and place it in front of my sofa. Hence, i eat at my sofa. I free up the dining area space for other uses. Hope this info helps.
  12. Hi guys! I have some leftover matex paint. Do you guys have any idea where I can dispose it? Or does anyone want that tin of matex paint? I think I have about 10 litres leftover.