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  1. Hi neighbour, I also Eastcreek.. Just finished renov. you from which block?
  2. bro andotang, can pm me the fan installer's contact? and you need tell him what fan u want or he will provide a catalog for you to choose?
  3. you guys think I should install air con now or stick with ceiling fan first?
  4. I will pick the first one too.. Cause my BTO (Eastcreek) also about the same setting.. Hahaha.. Which is coming in Q4 2019. 😃
  5. Hi TS, Can I ask how's the wardrobe now? I'm interested in asking them to build me a similar one, but want to ask your experience with the wardrobe first.
  6. Hi @studioflatter, For Q1, I don't think it's worth doing it cause it's quite exp. Q2, I don't think you can install sprinklers at house cause need piping (Water) for the sprinklers. Instead of sprinkler, you can get a small extinguisher (1kg type) for safekeeping. If I don't remember wrongly, the insurer for HDB fire accident insurance (forget the name, haha) got give those for free when you sign up for the insurance (I'm not too sure whether still got anot). AND Yeah!!! Counting down one year to completion of my flat.. Haha.. But stressed over the renov fees, hahah..
  7. Actually not bad wor, bro.. Considering you on air-con every night. Refuse Removal is S&CC?
  8. Wow, bro.. Like **** nice leh.. I still don't know what to do with mine yet.. Haha...
  9. Did they quote like how much for the blum kitchen in 2 rooms?
  10. yup yup.. According to HDB, if you hack the toilet wall before the 3 years end, the warranty for the toilet will be voided. If I'm not wrong.