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  1. heehee. i go for the max storage space allow. at least i dun need crab walk so it is still ok.
  2. hi Mmoh, actually my platform size is still queen size, only mattress is a supper single so easier for me to access to the storage area
  3. can move in anytime le. not yet officially move over. now is a weekend stay
  4. still can walk the plattform edge without stepping on the mattress.
  5. Hi Mmoh abt 2.2k. size is queen size, but mattress getting is super single so still have space to walk abt
  6. Morning, been "stalking" this post when found it last year. finally gotten keys to my 2-room flat (eastlink II, 38sqm) and have done a simple renovation. Thanks Mmoh for creating the post and keeping it alive. just to share what i have done.