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  1. hi, what's your renoo budget? i think a lot of IDs won't entertain 2 rooms because too cheap for them to bother
  2. Looks yummy! Please post more! I still have a few years to go before getting my keys and the wait is killing me already. So nice to read homeowners enjoying the 2 room flat lifestyle
  3. this Punggol Northshore 2 room is very nice! https://www.asiaone.com/lifestyle/punggol-northshore-hdb-owners-check-out-these-3d-knock-ups
  4. thanks for sharing! i think your reno is one of the most uneventful and pain-free story I've seen so far! so nice to see everything went smoothly and turned out well! Is it ok to share how much did you spend on reno? Mine is a small 2-room bto and I only wanted minimal works done, so I have difficulty finding a contractor who doesn't mind taking on "small jobs".
  5. bunnieboi's earlier post mentioned his quotation budget is 25k but expects will go up when reno starts... i'm like you, only looking to do painting, wardrobe and kitchen since i've opted for OCS too. i thought 5k-10k should be enough but dunno where to find contractors ...
  6. my laundry rack is horizontal/parallel to the windows. I read somewhere that it's quite flimsy and not recommended to keep pulling it down and up? If I can keep it up and it doesn't block me from installing wall cabinets, i guess i'm happy to keep it. From the floor plan it looks like it will block though Really, i want to tear my hair out at HDB's design for 2 room flats, especially the kitchen!
  7. I'm thinking to get induction cooktop instead of gas hob, so no need to register for gas. But not sure if it's good idea since I've never used induction before. But the hob looks sleek and nice! So hard to decide!
  8. Hi! Can I check with you is Dec/Jan the "official" expected date given by HDB? I've heard that usually the BTO will be completed about 6 months ahead of the date given by HDB, not sure if that's true?
  9. Mine looks like this (Type 1 too). One side should be for fridge and washing machine. Countertop, cooktop and sink on the opposite side. I thought of making it L-shape or even U-shape to maximise the space.
  10. thanks for clarifying! my (future) kitchen doesn't have the pillar/wall in the corner, so I was thinking of extending the countertop as some sort of a breakfast bar to double as dining space. But I really don't like sitting on high bar chairs. i think i'll have to figure out something.
  11. hi Ryanyth, could I check with you if you specially customised your dining table to be the same height as the kitchen countertop ? Normally countertop should be higher (as you are standing when prepping food) than standard dining table right? thanks!
  12. thanks for replying! it's not so much the money - it's more like I don't want to deal with the stress and hassle of renovating and checking on ID/contractors. Just want to keep things simple and save time and energy. i think i'll just buy everything from Ikea and ask their contractors to install for me and call it a day LOL 😅
  13. Hi! i hope this thread is still active! i still have a loong wait to collect keys but feeling very excited. I'm thinking to do very minimal renovation for my Type 1 bto, only the "must-haves". Right now, i'm thinking: (1) Paint whole house (2) Install kitchen cabinets, sinks (3) install curtains, instant water heater, aircon (still deciding between casement or not) (4) maybe change toilet vanity sink (I've opted for OCS) Did I miss out anything? Is budget of $3k to $5k possible - i heard it's hard to find contractors to do such small jobs?