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  1. The ID Hunt I started this quite early, since 2019 March. Seriously no joke, I thought this is the simplest process but end up NO! it took me almost 6 months to finalise which ID i want to engage. Had met up with 30 IDs or even more. Some reject my job when they hear its 2 rooms, while some reject because there was no key collection date. Some was rejected by me as the ID keep asking me for design concept, asking me to send them photos as example. On a serious note, If i want to copy other people design i would have not look for an ID. Anyway I list down a few IDs which i still have impression with them. Will also list why i select my current ID. Dxsign X Sxxxx - Met a lady designer. A little pushy to close the deal Txx Wxxxxx Pxxxxxxx - A nice guy but trying too hard to sell by package Mxxx Ixxxxxxx - story say untill got phoenix got dragon end up never received quotations Wxxxx & Wxxxx - Purposely approach this firm as i was attracted with one of the project the designer does. very *****. After meeting up realise he did all the drawing himself. Did not go ahead with this firm as he took very long to reply with a quote and subsequently never follow up with me anymore. 9 Dxxxxx - this is the ID i gave them the job. Very patient and sincere guy. he also does his own drawings. Alot of ID will only release 3D to you after payment or confirmations. But this ID will draw on the spot for my visualisation. Thats a bout it for today... next update will be on what kind of theme i am looking at.
  2. Finally "grown up" to the legal age to have a flat of my own.... The journey has been long and throw back to year 2016... SInce then, here have been my frequent place to visit... I learnt alot and also get alot of ideas. The story starts in year 2016 when I throw in the first $10 to hdb, got disappointed a couple of times before i get to choose the current units. It has been a long anticipation, alot of ups & down along the way, there are even thoughts of giving up waiting and look for alternative. However, long story short. Here now to record down my reno journey as a memories. Here's the floor plan of my tiny nest