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  1. stoopid dust! the bane of my existence! thanks mmoh and Norman for the info. Cheers! G
  2. hehe I get it, i am averse to spending money also. i am big on open shelving too...and think i might have a possible solution to minimize dust settle, meshed metal shelving..so the dust can fall through? Maybe? It is a big shame that we cant hack or reconfigure the toilet...this option can open up so much more design opportunities. i like asymmetrical walls...and thought that would make it look less boxed up and generic. Another question, how many times did you apply before you managed a successful one? And regarding inspection of the flat, must you do it immediately or there is no time frame?
  3. Hi Norman, nice place first of all and massive respects to your "F***itilldoitmyself" attitude! Although i initially thought you had too many things in your living space...i failed to consider that 35sqm is actually quite small and probably why it may have seemed busy to my eyes. i plan to start applying for a 2rm in November...so im just trawling the internet for ideas and possibly find some answers to the million questions i have. So if i could pick your brain.... 1. Did you choose type 1...or were the type 2s fully booked? 2. I understand the bath/toilet comes with tiling but you mentioned overlaying kitchen tiles? can we opt out of wall tiles for kitchen? 3.again regarding the toilet...from the floor plans the walls look like they are non-structural so does that mean it is possible to hack the walls away to reconfigure the toilet after 3 years(maciam my attached pic)? Cheers, Guna edit: hahaha i did not know swearing will be censored...👨‍⚖️