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  1. Sorry I have not been in this forum for quite long for those who have missed my contractor contact. you can contact him at 96859756.
  2. Hi @mayflower, I will not be naming my contractor outright here for their own privacy, but howver you can reach out to them at the contact i just shared on top, yup its really to our pleasure to have a contractor willing to work with our budget! we hope find yours too! cheers!
  3. Hi ppl, as many guys are asking me for the contractors contact which i will not be able to reply on time, I will just leave his contact number here 91038088. hope it benefits most from this forum.
  4. @hnl72 just pm-ed you the contractors contact. @Doreen Low and @Patrick71 do let me know your email i can pass you their contact.
  5. Hi guys, sorry do let me know your email here or pm me directly. Have been away for ages, so if you really need the contractor details and cannot wait can drop me an email at wendy81@gmail.com Cheers!
  6. @Wan Ifa and @Xuezhe can let me know your email address. i will forward the cotractor details to you guys when im free. cheers