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  1. Nice bro. Completed and pics well taken. Glad to see it all coming out nicely. S.... did an awesome job but yet again I would know that too together with Kaisermisaki too haha
  2. Nice color tones. Guess alot of discussion with our ID to make sure this color code fits
  3. Place developing awesomely bro...waiting see the final end product too
  4. When confirm 1st lah now say only and take also not sure just for company website or other purposes haha. No big goals did it because I wanted to live in a home that suits my living habits. But thanks for the kind words and support
  5. Oh ok perhaps I'll take my pathetic little living area haha I'll see what I can do when the mess subsides haha. Once again thank you for your kind words and your place is developing nicely too.
  6. Thank you sis. Full view meaning? haha the company has decided to do a photo shoot so maybe their wide angle lens will do more justice when the time comes haha. Let me know what you wanna see and I'll try haha
  7. haha well the work of our ID bro so kudos to her. But didn't come cheap unfortunately . But after the finish it's justified that I cut from other aspects to go ahead with this. Whew...Apparently the 1st time for her contractors too with the railings, the whole team cracked their heads on how to achieve the bend design from 1st flight to 2nd flight haha as wooden railings can't be used and only aluminium.
  8. Thanks Kaiser bro, it's been a joy working with the ID in this project and I'd definitely say she earned her buck and provides the service one would desire from an ID. Will detail a review of products and items purchase when I have the time and ID too.
  9. The Grand Finale It's complete and finally able to upload the complete look of all areas in our 2nd EM reno project . Thank you everyone for being part of this journey and sharing my ups and downs along the way. A Complete Staircase Upper Level Completed View Upper Level Kids Playroom Sorry for the distortion of the panorama pic as movement had to be made guess my hands aren't as steady as I thought. Kids Bedrooms Completed Common Bathroom Upper Floor What's left is truly the MBR but just too sloppy and messy for any pics now Will try to find time to get that snapped.
  10. Very nice cave and I'm guessing somehow we may have the same ID after all Not sure but will need you to verify this haha.
  11. Well got the Ogawa back then but parents have the OSIM and hear they use faux leather and changing it is much cheaper so not as much an issue as with Ogawa Hope this helps. You can always clarify this part with the sales person before deciding to go ahead as parents OSIM set flaked after a little under 2 years as well. Trying to settle in I would say perhaps 80/90% now because the final pieces only arrived this week as per the latest updates.
  12. Thank you sis for the kind words and yes I work a lot at home too so allocated a little more budget to this area. A real pinch but still happy with it.
  13. Thank you for the compliments. Yes they are very unique I must say. Bankers lamp from them too yes.
  14. It's Airia desk from Herman Miller and we got it a Xtra. It's a real damage for sure
  15. I got it from home fix stores and under the ifan brand which is a replica of Vornado I guess. Looking for something small and decent and walk by one day saw it and felt the wind was decent and cheap too haha so happy with what I have.