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  1. AH! I saw that dish rack at Song Cho too! Very nice..! But they quoted $188 for that.. beyond my budget
  2. hi ahblur! I'm also eyeing the novvy dining table that you bought! How much did you pay for that? Did you like the service? I went to Furniture Mall and the sales can't be bothered and told me no stock! !!
  3. hi do u have the specific address of mirror house? Thanks!!
  4. hi there the website address is not valid... anyone has the right url?
  5. hi ah guan, how much did you pay for the cellini one? include chairs? Do you have a pic to share? Thanks!!
  6. I'm not an expert but I think it's something in the sense that a good electrical point shd try to get its power source direct from the db box. But to cut cost and save trouble, esp when additional additional electrical points after some yrs, some pple 'tap' another electrical point to be the power provider for a new point. Not sure if I'm clear...
  7. I think the main thing is whether there will be kids living or coming to your house. No kids (and dogs) allowed in my house.. so no grilles...
  8. Hi there is it normal for the TV manufacturer to not provide antenna if it's a necessity for the TV to function properly?? If so isn't it very odd for Samsung not to include it in the package? Is it just Samsung or all TV manufacturer does that?
  9. Oh I see! Actually I'm also awaiting a quote from P*door cos was looking for doors and incidentally found them to be doing film too. The manager said will give me good price cos I'm getting doors from him. Same like what you said, it's the windowSS type with small strips cut out. hehe.. I didn't think too much of it cos he invited me to go down their balestier showroom to see the actual sample. Let's see how much they quote me... thanks so much for sharing your quotes, now i can have a better idea.
  10. Hi there I'm being quoted $500 for a full height shoe cabinet with laminate finish. But need to top up $200 for mirror door finish. Is that fair? Thanks!
  11. Thanks blackmango juice Do you remember what was the "ratio" of your cost for material vs labour cost? Is it true that labour cost will overwhelm the material cost?
  12. Hi there, sorry a question for this aged post. What's a semi core flush door huh?
  13. Getting two BLUM long drawer cabinets through my ID. $200 each.
  14. I just bot a 50cm one from Hoe Kee $89 list price.
  15. Hi there, these url don't work leh...