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  1. yeah...i got mine from LHS too. According to them, Belden 7731 is the best we can have for TV cable so far. It is future proof too cos it supports HDTV signals. I got my composite wires and audio cables custom made by them too...
  2. Did you buy belden cables ? Previously i got the belden 7731 i think...2m already $32 !
  3. the numbers are not sold separately...they come together....product of spain...maybe tat's why so ex...haha...euro product...
  4. Mr P Shop is where i bought my dog lamp. I got my clock from another shop called roominteriorproducts also located at siam discovery...but things are not cheap there...got my clock for 2900b.
  5. Merry Xmas (i know a bit late ) and Happy New Year !
  6. wow...ur house really let us have the drop jaw effect...nice !
  7. nice ! How's the maintenance ?
  8. wow...that's cheap for a 40"
  9. hey...sorry for the late reply... We are not able to make it on the 15th. But 22 Dec ok.
  10. wow...very nice...like hotel sia...
  11. ha...no...mine was not done up by kelvin. Mine was done up by Alan.