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  1. Enter my Coupon Code DRK000 to save USD$5-$10 off your first order on www.iHerb.com

  2. originally bought ard $300, used 2 yrs, letting go at $100 now, come with 3 brand new disposable dust bags. PM if interested
  3. Pre-loved vacuum (Phillips FC9166) come with 3 brand new disposable dust bags. Product specifications can be view at http://www.familyrew...del=FC9166%2F01 PM for price if interested
  4. my first handheld was electrolux, i didn't like it after a yr's of usage, the rubber on the back of the handle became sticky (not sure why) and the battery power is weak, suction not optimal too, which makes it require a longer time to vacuum and cannot even finish half my house (85sqm). last weekend i redeemed our caltex points and top up a $25 to purchase the bosch move 2in1, love it!!! suction is good and battery still going strong after i've finished vacuum the entire house! plus it can be stand on its own at any point which makes it v friendly when i need to move away boxes or chairs or toys to vacuum any corners in the room, best wireless handheld so far!
  5. haha.. been so long nvr login here.. so much changes here! a fresh look here! tot i landed on a wrong forum initially..! h4happy.. my place also super windy.. i have 2 door rubbers (the C shape) kana smashed into half! haha.. my kitchen door is a sliding mirror.. was done by my ID's carpenter the door frame is white.. the picture was taken before i tear down the black masking tape quite glad the Shop & Save is 24hr! dun need to go NTUC so often and save from the crazy queues in NTUC at TB plaza! haha..
  6. yes! i can't agree more.. esp kids r so much different now... but let's look on the bright side! *jia you*!
  7. thanks! hee.. i envy u leh.. can be SAHM.. how i wish i can b 1 s well.. but financially can't allow me to do that.. i jus hope is not too hard to cope after the 4 mths ML.. we r keeping to 1 boy as for now.. we hope to give him the best of everything w/in our means incl our love n attentions.. will c how well we can cope w/ 1 boy 1st.. hehehee.. thou i agree 2 is the perfect number! ;p
  8. yeah! thank you! right now am finding ways to help my water retention.. is getting v serious recently.. any tips for me?
  9. ya.. hahaa.. confinement lady is my mama! hehehee.. really is a blessing to hv mama ard! yippee!
  10. hee.. oic! ya.. next mth due.. am on standby mode these 4 weeks.. everything's ok! thanks! hee..
  11. wow! hehee.. congrats, makemefly mommy! mus b busy now.. =)
  12. ooh.. gd afternoon nemofc! ur baby a big gal now.. u can start some baking session together w/ her liao ma.. then hv chance to use ur oven lo! hehehee.. then i come down for food tasting! hahahahaa.. *thick-skinned me*