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  1. Hi

    Can U advise your contacts for Krono Step?

    Sales + Installer, please.

    I am shortlisting laminates for my new nest.

    Krono Steps or Quick Steps? Hmmmmmm...

    Thank you.

  2. Since TS worry of souring relationship, Perhaps can act a "show" for your neighbour, that you accidentially knock on their flower pots and kena cuts from the knock... put some fake blood to show the seriousness... But must make sure your neighbour are at home and best if they come out immediately while your "blood" is dripping... Make them feel guilty and they will keep their plants...
  3. Mine is also from Krono-o and clickguard had been applied to all joints.. but that largely dependent on the skill of the installer.. Some other brand of laminate flooring may not apply sealant too. In fact it should be the owner who are emotional...
  4. I had asked similar question before but no direct answer... suppose no1 encounter before, neither do I want to encounter too... I believe still-water over long hours and frequent occurrence will damage laminate floor. Also water will sip between gaps to inside of flooring and in long term, cause more harm.. I think company that say their board is resistance to water may means small quantity of water, in the form droplets... and still-water to be wipe off asap... One disadvantage of laminate floor is, they scare of water..
  5. To reply ur queries: i) If u read thru' there's other thread on this. ii) In my view, cleaning is much easier than other type of flooring e.g. marble floor.. Jz get those floor detergent suitable for laminate floor will do. I heard laminate shld not mop often... Nt sure how true... but to me, jz sweep & mop regularly will do... iii) It depend on how u use it to be vunerable to water.. Not forgetting the regular washing.. U plan to lay also the wet area? I understand there's a company had advertised in his website that his flooring mat'l suitable to use for wet area. But I'm still skeptical.. Not sure how long it can last.. Suggest u find out more... If u do not wan headache, leave out wet area...
  6. This will be taken care of by the vendor.. The doors' base will be trim off abit to accomodate the overlaid thickness i.e. door trimming...
  7. Mine also marble flooring, but not like urs tiled type. If u like marble flooring, jz get it repolish and you will love it.. Else, have it overlay with laminate flooring. For me, I enjoyed my marble floor for ard 5-yrs, then recently have it overlay with laminate flooring.. If one day I want my marble floor back, I simply get contractor to remove the laminate flooring will do...
  8. Hi and welcome to Pasir Ris!! Hope I not too late to welcome you.. Here is not as crowded as other district, and definitely more relaxing and laidback.. also there's quite a few good foodstalls around Pasir Ris that you shld try at West Plaza, Loyang Pt, 4xx+ blk neighbourhood stalls etc... Cheers!!
  9. ya, same sentiment... agreed quite hard to find... esp when only selected older block plus selected unit will have such layout, so this make it lesser.. Sorry, I too lazy for t-blog, and also I bought my flat 6-7yrs ago alrdy... I only do basic reno... re-do entirely on toilets & kitchen.. lightings & switches... marble flooring re-lay with laminate floor... Not much fixtures/customisation... Gd tat u like that its open & airy.. for me, I dun like so hv to find one at top flr... Fyi, u hv to pay a price for the airyness... its the ease of attracting dust & dirt... Ya, there's a drainage hole.. its at a corner.. Depending on your orientation, either right/left of the balcony entrance. At least tats for mine... Unless u will be washing floor, else the drainage will be useless. For me, its useless as it had been covered with laminated flooring...
  10. Hi and welcome here.. Dun tink u need to do much given d current reno is looking gd and seems neat.. I cnt help but to say ur layout is d same as mine except tat i'm at d extreme east side of singapore.. Mine is at d top flr hence fortunately theres roof over my interaction balcony (as termed by hdb). Watever shelter u intend to do at ur interaction balcony, advise u to seek hdb approval. Hv a smooth & enjoyable reno ahead pal!
  11. acevin

    In A Dilemma

    Follow your heart..
  12. Perhaps u shld compare both. If price difference not great, then u can go for AC4... Higher spec for flooring is always better esp u gonna stay in your plc for long time...
  13. My understanding is that AC3 for normal residential use is sufficient.
  14. Hi sgnick, pardon but wld appreciate if you cld PM me too on your contractor, as intend to do a wardrobe... Thks..