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  1. Hi, am looking for reviews on Deluxe Home Furnishing. Specifically their vinyl flooring. Am interested to know how their vinyl is holding up. If you've taken other things like curtains or blind with them, pls just provide feedback as well. Thank you!
  2. Hello all, am looking for electrician to do a very very small job. Basically it's just to remove the trunking and extend the wiring by about 2 feet. Anyone can help ? Thanks !
  3. Hi sumobear ! I do remember you ! It's been a while since I've posted in RenoTalk as well Right now I am pregnant with my second baby. Having more than 1 kid is definitely something that we both agreed upon even before being married. It is indeed already stressful for me to be pregnant and taking care of my 21 month old toddler. But sometimes we feel quite sad looking at him play alone and wants to give him a playmate. All I can say is that it requires many sacrifices. For me personally, I am considering taking a lighter work load (possibly part time job). Thus cannot shop as much lor.. We've also decided to have another kid now due to age. Not just me but also while hubby is still "young" and have energy to take care of one. Later when older, want to play with them also very tiring. It really depends on you and I suggest sitting down with your wife and weigh out the pros and cons and not forgetting the finances ! All the best !
  4. u might wan to try to go JB Angsana to get the shaggy rugs. i saw one (forgot size but somewhat substantially big) that sells for RM$899.
  5. yah.. their redemption process is very the sucky ! they should have a better system in place. that tiem dunno wait how long for my dvd player. i see ppl there lining up getting fed-up...
  6. got my sofa today ! am very happy with the quality and service rendered. fuss free !
  7. hey all. went to ikea today and saw a nice coffee table design. unfortunately, i'm not really loving the materials (cheap ikea stuff). as such, was wondering if any of you have seen the same or similar design coffee table anywhere else in Singapore ? thanks in advance ! table: http://www.ikea.com.sg/catalog/product_dis...732553-19710945
  8. bought the sofa and paid abt $1150. personally i tink i am okay with it cos the design is something we both love. gg to get it ard mid-sept so hope all goes well during the delivery process and the overall product !
  9. alrite. i'm gonna get the 3-seater sofa for my place from here tomoro. gg to the branch at Kaki BUkit and getting it frm Devon (sp?). if anyone has any further opinions, do get back to me soon !
  10. 20% ? I got 10% ! haha ! must go and ask them for more discount liao in that case. may i know who u spoke to ? hi pinkdewy ! i saw that too (although it was just in plain white) and like the simple and clean lines. the one i love so much is the long brown one. did u try sitting on it ? heaven ! hw did u find their service overall ? was their delivery okay the first time round ?
  11. hubby and me went to look see and try out the sofas. IMHO, Anders is the most comfortable one. However, we happen to walk pass another shop (Siang Yiang) and fell in luv with their sofa instead !
  12. i'm contemplating getting the Sandy sofa set from there. Any updates from anyone here ? Thanks !
  13. am also considering beanbags fr my balcony area but it's so ex !
  14. thanks all ! we're gg to go to the one at kaki bukit today to "test-drive" the sofas
  15. another question: did u guys buy online or from one of the stores ? if the stores, which one did u guys go too ? thanks again !