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  1. here's an update of my study. desk is a recent purchase from scanteak. pretty decent designs, but more misses than hits.
  2. I ran out of Danish oil. I'll spray paint the pair if I have time.
  3. I've done another wood related project http://www.renotalk.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=53831
  4. I managed to pick up 2 slabs of unwanted plywood from my void deck. They were quite thick and reliable. Seemed suitable as a table top or work top. So after a good wash up and a quick sanding over with a palm sander, I generously applied some good old Danish oil for a smooth matte finish. Here's the outcome: Closer detail of the Danish oil finish: Free steamboat table top!
  5. I hope I'm not too late http://www.soft.com.sg/forum/showthread.php?267543-Automatic-mahjong-table-clearance-sale
  6. What sorts of wood are u looking for? I went to ban Heng Leong before and u need to be specific in quantity and measurement. Other than that they're ok and are happy to help. Their kelantan lane office deals in plywood only.
  7. i hope this video can help you:
  8. Yup. here's the link to that place: http://www.facebook.com/sl2square
  9. Hey DIY ppl I managed to find a Workshop which has awesome tools for carpentry. It's an NGO with a pay as u use scheme. Check out ground up initiative's sustainable living labs at bottle tree park at yishun.
  10. Get that Japan mould killer spray. 8.95 at cold storage.
  11. Get that Japan mould killer spray. 8.95 at cold storage.
  12. i was on fiiiyaahhh lol ok lah. the oil stinks and sticks after a while. but wait a day and its smooth as a babys bottom
  13. Yup. Got the plywood from ban Heng Leong in syed alwi. Paid 16 bucks. Yeah I'm really happy to do the project! Both sets of parents felt that I was wasting time when I could have just headed to ikea. But then. Next project will be making a table outta a piece of plywood I picked up from the void deck.