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  1. Hi, I have a big cupboard fo dispose of. I hope that somebody can give me an idea how this could be done in a high rise building. Thank you. Regards,
  2. Hi, There is a new type of rice on sale now. It's the Organic Black Thai Rice. Can someone fill me in on how delicious is this rice? Thank you. Regards,
  3. Hi, I bought an second hand apartment recently. I wanted to repaint the whole unit. However, I found that the kitchen is very oily since the previous owner did not use a cookerhood in the kitchen. Is it necessary to clean off the oily mess before painting. If so, how can I do it? Thank you. Regards,
  4. For people buying an apartment on the secondary housing market, I think the biggest problem is how to clean up the kitchen area. Especially when the previous owner has been doing heavy cooking without having an efficient cooker hood installed or even not installing one. So, before the renovators started repainting the premises, how does one really clean up the kitchen, especially the walls and ceiling. Your views will be greatly appreciated. Thank you. Regards,
  5. I am using a Rubine cooker hood at present. It is making so much noise when switched on that I am going deaf soon. I intend to look for another cooker hood, most probably of a different brand that is very quiet and efficient in sucking up the oily fumes. Has anyone any suggestions, please? Thank you. Regards,
  6. Is each and everyone of those who keep pets, like cats and dogs, so fastidious as to ensure that their pets will never soil the lift or other common areas? So absolutely sure?
  7. I was thinking that pets, especially cats and dogs moult and the furs shed can cause asthma. Pets can also transmit cross specie diseases not to mention the nuisance of some owners allowing their pets to defecate in the lifts!!!
  8. The keeping of pets, especially cats and dogs, are strictly forbidden in condos. So, what can be done to stop irresponsible residents from doing such things? Your feedback is appreciated.
  9. It's a given that in most average sized apartments, the drying area for laundry is very limited. I understand that using a clothes drier may be one option in solving the problem. However, not having used one before, I would like to know whether it is still necessary to hang out the laundry for airing after taking them out of the drier? Also, wouldn't this defeat the original purpose in the first place? And that is not having to hang out the laundry to dry! In addition, are there any other ways to handle this lack of space to dry clothes?
  10. In my case, I have seen a huge house lizard eating a live cockroach which was equally huge(presumably the American variety). The whole body was eaten except the wings! So, it's true, lizards do really get rid of cockroaches!! And it's also equally true, they leave big blobs of droppings everywhere!!! I have often stepped on the droppings even!!! And having lizards dropping on my feet when I watch TV is a common practice. In addition, they like to chase each other all over the walls in my house!!!!! And created a raucous racket! So, finally, I got so fed-up of them that I bought some lizard glue and placed them where they like to roam. It was successful and I have sometimes caught four lizards over a few days, both big and small. After the lizards were gone, the cockroaches came back! Then, I bought some cockroach bait and placed them where they like to frolic. Eventually, their numbers were down.
  11. The louvres next to the service yard pipes are nice. They are enclosed on all sides. The ones I have are still the very old fashioned ones made of glass and two of the edges are exposed. Please let me know the following: 1. what are the panes made of 2. can the individual panes be removed for washing 3. which company in Singapore is selling it 4. wonder whether they are available in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia 5. the price for one set of panes and frame Thank you. Regards, Winston
  12. My condo unit was bought in the secondary market. On moving in, I noticed that some of the ceramic tiles, both on the wall as well as the floor were nicked. These could have been made by careless workmen with the electric hand tools. Is there any way that I could remedy the unsightly nicks? Also, a hole which is about the size of a small coin has been gouged into the wooden floor in one of the bedrooms. What can be done to fill this up properly? Thank you. Regards,
  13. I read somewhere that this spray has a pungent odour and is only suitable for tiles, not hand towels.