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  1. Faithtampines, check your pm for the contact I just sent.
  2. Visited your showroom today, your 'specials' are really good for that price. I'm impress!
  3. The fact is most ID firms are underfinanced with paid-up capital of $100k or lesser, and depend on the grace of their suppliers and contractors to extend credits to tide them over until they collect payment from customer after job completion. So during months of poor sales they will roll-over on the money owing to their creditors which of course do not bode well on goodwill with their suppliers, and that in turns affects work undertaken later.
  4. checkfirstsg, what value does your firm offers over a direct search with ACRA?
  5. Why not just lay over existing floor? Laminate thickness is 8mm - 12mm but vinyl is 4mm - 5mm, so unless you are changing the doors there will be the unsightly gap if you removed the laminate floor.
  6. There are no such things as waterproof laminate flooring. Laminate flooring as it is universally known, refers to floor boards consisting of natural wood material with a top layer of decorative laminate. Cashing on its popularity, manufacturers of other types of flooring materials such as vinyl and composite board (composition of different synthetic materials)which are not or less water-absorbent, have incorporated laminate as the top layer for their products, and also the click-joint system for floating floors popularized by laminate flooring, and selling them as waterproof laminate flooring. In truth, these flooring are not waterproof either as water if left standing on them for too many hours; as in the case of laminate flooring, will penetrate through the joints and edges, and if left unattended will collect molds and bacteria buildup. Ultimately, these "waterproof" flooring will still require to be removed and change. Another downside of these flooring is the controversies concerning health safety. In the case of vinyl, plasticizers which are needed to soften or make it "resilient", also makes them hazardous to human health, especially to children and expectant mothers. Source: a very recent report by the American Public Health Association http://www.apha.org/NR/rdonlyres/9E189B51-C94C-42EB-8BC6-BB7702569A4E/0/B6.pdf http://thechart.blogs.cnn.com/2011/11/04/anti-pvc-push-in-health-care-grows/
  7. Sorry, I didn't see this message until now as I have not visit this forum for a while.

    Big difference in quality as Krono Original is a 100% German product, while vohringer is a company with a german name but 100% China product of lower quality.

  8. Hi, you seem like a responsible expert, thus seeking your help. Comparing krono Costello and vohringer, any thoughts? Tried researching for awhile, nothing found yet. This in advance

  9. Interesting that you were directed to Woodculture. Is Woodculture looking at the dealership? Imo Berry is a Quick-Step wanabe, and Quick-Step being a premium brand (with premium pricing) is an unlikely match for Woodculture, whose businesses are mainly to renovation contractors.
  10. hi potat0, I've not visited this forum for quite awhile and so I missed the message you sent last year. Sorry to hear about your situation. I guess there is not much you can do now but lodge a report to the police about your case. Quick-Step laminate flooring are excellent products and homeowners using them will testify for their quality. I hope we can get to see a professional dealer for their products the next time.
  11. Tana0005 Yes, it can be upsetting to see a scar like this on an otherwise perfect floor, but don't worry. As the planks reach their full expansion in the following weeks (can be more than 1 cm in some cases), it will be less visible and you can easily trim off the excess sealant by yourself. If our doorframes here are of thicker wood frame and not metal, this would not have been an issue, as a neat expansion space can then be hacksaw into it. Again, don't fret over it.
  12. Hi BlueFly, it was all in good spirit, and most decisions at the end of the day are arbitrary.
  13. There is an old saying "a little knowledge is a dangerous thing"; which means a small amount of knowledge can mislead people into thinking that they are more expert than they really are. Reputable Brands highlights the strength of their products: their consistancy in maintaining quality, innovations, developments, new designs etc, ahead of others. Brands such as Premier, Supreme, Floorrich, Firmafloor, Excel, Vohlinger, Vista, Foreign Unique, Krono-Fix, Kronoloc are "house-brand" of distribution companies here, which are manufacture by OEM (original equipment manufacturer) sources, mostly from China. You can only access information on the Distributor's website of their claims; which are difficult if not impossible to validate, But they will not reveal who the manufacturers are. With little to no information on their supply chain; buying their products can be tricky, sometimes you are lucky; no problems, other times you may not be so lucky. Yes, branding can also be about sophistry. Supreme for example got the Super Brand award many many years ago, and you can see them playing that 60sec of glory video over and over again at exhibitions. Few realized that the award has more to do with their marketing skill, and not the products. Pergo is another example. When one thinks about Pergo, it's about the "original" Pergo introduced here more than a decade ago, and was manufactured by Pergo in Sweden. Few knew that the current Family range with the Pergo brand is from an OEM source in Malaysia, and of a completely different production method from Pergo Sweden. As matter of fact, if you go to the official Pergo website, you will not be able to locate the Pergo Family products there. In today's age of information, my recommendation is to buy from companies who are more open with information on their products and supply chain, which can also be easily validated.