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  1. Hi,

    for supply and installation of solid surface the cost is $70/ft run.

    You may roughly view from my website www.the78degrees.com, when we go up and measure we will bring a sample board for you to select the color.



    email: jasmine@the78degrees.com

  2. Hi, can pm me some info on kitchen solid surface..am interested to change my kitchen top. Thanks in advance

  3. Don't worry, granite wont discolor, unless solid surface. It will discolor and if direct strong sunlight everyday like those put on roof top, it will crack too. I did supplied solid surface tabletops for one of the restaurant at roof tops @ One Raffles Place(Formely knows as OUB centre)it was crack easily after few months time, then we went for touch up and touch up again but end up need to redo. We did advise them but they insist want to use solid top, nothing we can do. Marble will become matt (the shine is gone) if direct sunlight after a period of time. Of cos can be re-polishing.
  4. Yes, should deduct 2ft. Granite/marble/ solid surface also got deduct 2ft. Thanks.
  5. Hi, Maybe u can try to ask my friend who doing aircon, his contact is 91162270 Thanks from jasmine www.the78degrees.com
  6. Hi, I have some option for you, all are direct supplier, of cos mine included. 1)wallpaper and curtain, www.bellagiocurtain.com 2)marble/granite/solid surface/quartz/marble floor polishing, www.the78degrees.com 3)tiles supplier, www.galleryt.com.sg 4)aircon, tripe air-conditioning, mr tien Hp: 9116 2270 5)carpentry, delight furniture, wah zai hp: 98528763 Thanks
  7. Hi, Maybe u can try to get from wallpaper supplier in johor, malaysia which is cheaper. They also do installation in Singapore as well. feel free to see this website www.bellagiocurtain.com
  8. Hi Member, Maybe u can consider this shop, the showroom is at bukit indah, johor (near jusco)
  9. Maybe u can consider this www.bellagiocurtain.com, the showroom is at bukit indah, near jusco
  10. Dear all, be aware of this contractor called Jeffrey Chai, company is 'Goodman Design and Marketing',he collected money from house owner/ shop owner but end up didn't pay to supplier. Keep telling lies that owner haven't pay him. In fact owner already settle full payment with him. This guy is one man show, no office, even the phone no also change. Couldn't manage to find him. Anyone happened that engage this guy, please let me know. Appreciated that. Jeffrey Chai Goodman Design and Marketing ROC No:: 53185171X HP : 8541 6525
  11. To all house owner here, i would like to recommend a good product, can get it at NTUC Fairprice, price if not wrong is S$6.80/ bottle. This product usually widely use by Solid Surface Supplier to clean and maintain the shine. Pledge® Lemon Clean can be used all around the house to clean leather, marble, wood, stainless steel and more. It quickly cleans, conditions and protects while leaving behind that fresh lemon Pledge® scent. It also features Allergen Trappers® to remove up to 90% of allergens in dust.* Use this product on a number of surfaces†, including: Wood Laminate Stainless Steel Leather Marble Granite Plastic for more product info please visit: http://www.pledge.com/en-US/Products/Pages/lemon-clean.aspx#1