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  1. I buy from Taiwan but I know their production factory in taiwan and china so I cannot confirm the LED manunfacturing origin e as they keep tell me is taiwan product.

  2. soh****ty@yahoo.com.sg

    Your lobang for LED is from...taiwan?

  3. I get from malaysia and they are wholesale for separate item, As for sliding door have to get contractor who does door to install the partition and door for you.
  4. Hi. can pm me yr email then I send the picture to you
  5. They have both...white and warm.. I have the picture but I do not know how to upload it.perhap I can too stupid to find it. If you interest, perhap I can email you...can have yr email?
  6. /Users/Eva/Pictures/Punggol Breeze/Lighting/IMG_0577.jpg

    /Users/Eva/Pictures/Punggol Breeze/Lighting/IMG_0575.jpg

    /Users/Eva/Pictures/Punggol Breeze/Lighting/IMG_0576.jpg

    /Users/Eva/Pictures/Punggol Breeze/Lighting/IMG_0574.jpg

  7. here the picture

  8. Is possible to hack the kitchen floor but wall, are you refer to the titles only, if yes. I don't think there is a problem. But your contractor need a permit to do renovation work. But you don't need a license permit which cost around 300+ because you did not hack any wall. Hope this information help.
  9. Bro....I have check with the my agent. the prices he offer $65 is 8inchesx15watts and He also have 5 inchesx12watts which we can get $42/pcs. I decide to go for 5 inches instead. I am asking the lighting agent to send me photo? once I get it, we post here. Let hope we can pool it and buy in bulk.
  10. wow....$50...can have picture to see?
  11. Personnel I find your quote is quite expensive. If you want to save $$$, you have to get contractor which they are sepcialise in certain thing, like carbinet you should find carpenter to do it and pole system get the specialise like POSH, excel or you want cheaper I can introduce someone to you but you have to assembly yourself.
  12. If we pool to buy in bulk, we can get it $65 per set. Anyone interest PM me. I need 21set and my cousin neeed 18set. I still short 61set to other to pool in.
  13. Would like to share with you guy. If you interest to have LED downlight for your house, please don't buy from Singapore because very expensive around $108 per set and the LED is from china. You can get it the same LED for S85 per set.
  14. I buy the pole system and assembly myself. This price is cheaper than OPSH and excel. If any guy interest can try to call Mr Lee 90687032 .