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  1. I managed to get my money back after a challenging session at Small Claims. As agreed with the arbitrator, I won’t name the company but I’d advise all folks who are looking to buy marble: 1) Note the exact slab numbers you agreed to buy (each specific slab is always numbered); 2) Take photographs of the selected slabs; 3) Read the fine prints on the quotations and add a line to allow you full refund if the exact slabs are not delivered to you.
  2. They sell the mozzie nets are the local DIY shops. I got one before but installation was difficult. Other options: 1) Buy from Taobao - I got the magnetic screens and self-installed. Relatively easy and you can choose the types of mesh. Highly recommended. 2) Hire local company to install magnetic screens - not cheap
  3. Was introduced to supplier by my contractor. After I had selected the specific slab I wanted and paid deposit, I found out from my contractor that the marble supplier had already sold the slabs I selected. Supplier refused to refund the money, claiming that they had no contract with me. PM me for details of this supplier. Avoid at all costs!!!
  4. Does anybody have contacts for repair (not replace) of the bottom part of wooden door frame which rotted due to water damage? Thanks
  5. Hi, Can you please quote for: Mitsubitshi Electric MXY 3A28VA + 12k BTU x 1 + 9k BTU x 2 plus MXY 3A28VA 18k BTU x 1 + 9k BTU x 1?
  6. Hi, I need a ceiling fan to be installed in masterroom, false ceiling. Could you kindly quote? Thanks
  7. Yup, something like those will do too. Do you know where?
  8. Does anyone here know where I can get someone to custom build wooden shutters. Not blinds, but fixed wooden shutters for windows or doors. Found a Thai company with presence in Singapore doing this, but their charges are exhorbitant. Thanks!
  9. If u share same contractor, will he be able to do both units at the same time? Let me know if u need contractor contact. Just did my pl, price reasonable and most importantly, he was very responsible.
  10. I thought I saw it at Far East Flora.. not too sure. Perhaps you can check with them?
  11. Sounds like seller got a better deal and trying to retract his sale to you. If you like the unit and want to buy, go ahead and exercise the OTP. There's nothing seller can do since the OTP has been issued. No issue about the cheque not reaching Seller... Seller will not sign OTP in the first place if he did not receive your cheque. No issue about having to pay more for the unit since the OTP GIVES U THE OPTION TO BUY AT the FIXED PRICE as stated in the OTP. When in doubt, talk to your own lawyer, not the agent or seller.
  12. Harafy, Balestier rd... They have all sorts of tiles, marble, mosaic, etc Not sure how their pricing compares though
  13. Yep, better check with HDB coz if it's structural wall: 1) Hacking will affect building structure; and 2) If you hack without HDB approval, your buyer (in future) can get you to reinstate the 'unauthorized alteration'