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  1. All blinds and curtain up last week.. Happy happy. My curtain guy is recommended by my friend.. Very down to earth and humble guy. Timeline met and workmanship is excellent. He even told us if got any problem after that can call him.. - Living Room with Timber blind.. - Dining timber blind too..
  2. The main problem lies with the choice of their workers, not just the ID itself.. Quote directly from him "If I ask the workers to do, but the workers don't do, I also no choice". Of cos, if the ID have the ability to control his workers then probably not too bad.. But sadly that is not the case for us. We spent a lot of time inspecting (and reporting to the ID what are not done) when it is the ID's job to help us supervise and ensure everything is done nicely. We had to take leave to ensure work is done properly, because it is proven again and again that even with the ID there to "supervise", his workers can still run off halfway leaving behind all the work undone. And he cannot do anything about it. We were forced to accept the delay, at the same time they still have the cheek to chase us for payment. Luckily we insist to make payment progressively, partially only after FULL carpentry installed. We were told the "boss" threaten to stop work a few times, but we insisted due to lack of trust. Some of the workers show no pride in their job base on the work they hand over to us and call it "done". One of the painter still talk back at me during final rectifications and say that those (smooth out a patch of uneven ceiling area with plaster before painting over) are not his job. So its like ID promise us A, but seems like workers did not promise to do it and gave us B instead. Then later on ID often try to smoke and try all ways to brain wash us to accept the lousy work in order to save himself hassle. Eventually things work out, but I couldn't imagine how long it will take if we didn't hold those payment when work is not fully done.. It was a long tiring and tedious process.. But we did learn a lot through out this reno. So we just treat it as a lesson fee. But no, I will not recommend this company, nor ID. Especially not with that kind of workers.
  3. Hello! I think I won't be sharing my ID contact anymore as I find his partners (mainly carpenter and painters) very unreliable and unstable. And ID can't do much to control the situation.. Hi! Peng (Electrician) - 96533308 Dorne Liew - 90287787 Up to now TV is still looking great! No problem with all electric sockets/switches etc, also tried cooking heavily with no problem. I have contacted the electrician after full payment was made, call was pick up promptly and was assured and answered to professionally. Highly recommended.
  4. Our humble little dining hall is almost complete.. Bookcase fit just nice to the "hole" of our MBR bedside.. So it can be covered by curtain once it is up.. Setting up our kitchen with appliances..
  5. Haha thank you! I'm pretty sure I'll enjoy the furnishing part than the reno itself too!
  6. Hello! Yesterday finally all our glassworks and mirror are up~ Had some hiccups AGAIN, because the installation guys forgot about our glass backsplash. They kept trying to smoke and say that backsplash takes longer time to fabricate, hence need to come back again to do it. But Hubby keep press them to call up the factory to check, refuse to let them leave.. And guess what, end up our backsplash were in their Lorry, they forgot to bring up. One thing through this reno, I feel many of the workers got those "chop chop do chop chop go, don't bother so much attitude", which I cannot stand, and we feel that Dennis couldn't handle. He is too nice and too "easy", until don't get the job done properly sometimes. Results into delay and multiple rectifications needed.. and who suffer in the end? Us. We are just so sick of repeating and reminding.. But am glad that yesterday everything went smoothly, all thanks to Hubby, who had to take time off from work to be there in person to supervise and ensure no half hearted job again. Because tiler were there to do repeated touch ups too (didn't do well the first time), and he wants to ensure after this time no need to see him again.. We're both soooo glad no more additional trip needed..cos we really can't wait to end this renovation already.. Its a longgggggggggggg tedious process.. and nobody care about your home more than yourself really.. Reviews: (ID) Dennis - Reply fast through out the entire reno. Initially we sign under him as we feel he is very professional and helpful, also give a lot of suggestions.. But at the later stage of ongoing reno, we feel he need people to give him a push to get things done, which I am very tired of dealing with at the later part of our renovation. I had to constantly be on my toes, because things I don't mention to him, he won't automatic help us do.. So ended up knowing his pattern, we keep chase and remind to ensure things are done.. You must also be free enough to be there to supervise in order to get the standard of work that you want, of cos, only if you are fussy owners like us . If you don't mind holes and gaps around the house, minor chip offs, missing here and there etc.. I guess you are good with him. Well at least things I manage to "catch", he will do.. If you insist. But if you never mention, he also will keep quiet let you accept la..lol. Perhaps nowadays no ID will help you to catch defects anymore.. (never see then no need do attitude.. ) Rate: 7/10 Hacking / Tiling - Hacking done accurately and all within a day no complain at all. Rate: 10/10 Tiling was done quite neatly also within reasonable timeline.. Gout lines touch ups took 2 trips though, but consider minor issue so no complain.. Rate: 9/10 Windows and Grilles - Minor hiccups but eventually were fixed within timeline.. Rate: 8/10 Carpentry - The carpentry workmanship is not top notch, but also no serious defects (quite a bit of minor ones though), so I feel carpentry wise consider average. Carpentry lack of manpower, multiple delays after continuously changing the installation completion date. I don't know if its their common practice to delay the carpentry installation.. but it was a bad experience because their carpenter display his bad attitude right infront of our eyes. I will not recommend their carpenter. Rate: 5/10 Plumbing and Bathroom Sanitary Installations- Leaking issue on our Kitchen Sink and Common Bath Basin after the 1st installation. Have to wait for few days for them to confirm when can come down to fix. Eventually done within a week. Rate: 8/10 Painting - Terrible outsourced painters.. (Dennis explained its due to his own in-house painter resign so he got no choice but to outsource) Dennis had to bear extra cost because of them.. Initially Dennis hinted that he might need to bill to us, but I blow out on him and say that he need to deliver what he promised. Using a outsourced painters and did a terrible job was not what we originally signed up for. Eventually after insisting, he get it fixed at his own cost. Even until now, we are still spotting some pretty bad paint jobs around the house, and have reflected to him accordingly.. he agreed to rectified for us so we shall see. Will not recommend, not even to my enermy. Rate: 1/10 Door - Installed accurately within timeline with varnishing. Good workmanship. Rate: 10/10 Glass - With supervision everything was done well.. Good workmanship Rate: 8/10 (minus points for trying to lie about the backsplash) WorkTop - (Kompacplus) Done well and accurately, within timeline. Good workmanship. Provide extra service by giving suggestion on the installation for my L shape part, and inform us in advance on the limitations. No complain. Rate: 10/10 HERF Flooring - (Evorich) Done well within a day.. Good workmanship, happy with how it turn out, no complain. Rate: 10/10 Electric - (Contact: Peng) Provide very good service, reply speedily to my doubts and questions professionally. Give good suggestions on lights, switches and sockets placement, he will draw out for you to visualize ensure no miscommunication between clients and his workers. He went up to do measurement after carpentry is up to advise us on the length of our LED strips and T5 size. Re-wiring was done within a day, Lights and Sockets done another day. He is quite flexible and very service orientated.. After everything was done and we have paid full, we spotted 1 electric trunking not sealed properly.. Call him up and he got his guy to come down and fix properly for us speedily. Highly recommended. Service Rating: 10/10 Air Con - (Thomas) Very satisfied with this distributor of Mitsubishi Electric. Not the cheapest but provide very good service.. Price quoted got no hidden cost (include 2 trips and all installation). The installer also taught us how to use, wash and maintain during the testing. 1 YEAR Warranty on all parts and 5 YEAR Warranty on sealed compressor. Service Rating: 10/10 Overall... for the entire reno.. I think I will rate the experience 7/10. At least it work out eventually.. . . . Our furnitures are coming in this weekend! And we keep going to IKEA like there is no end..Its really tiring, but fulfilling at the same time.. Will post up more pictures when we're more settled down!
  7. PM-ed all Dorne's contact.. so far still very happy with my TV..
  8. HELLO~ We spent our left over weekend free-time (got weddings to attend) doing deep cleaning and moving some of our stuff over to our new place.. Setting up some stuff like washing machine racks, tower fan and floor lamp.. Pictures below for those who are interested with TV Swivel Feature Wall, and curious with how the wirings are done to minimize expose cables on the outside of console.. Just sharing how mine's done.. Notice there is a white cable cover on the bottom console? We can add on a soundbar and connect the cables through this hole to underneath's power socket, or to connect our home telephone to the power sockets and telephone point underneath. Power sockets / SCV Point / Tel Point / Data Point Our big Lazy Susan Swivel Mechanism.. Underneath the bottom console.. You really have to squat down and look upward then can see such a "mess". We've connected our TV with 3 HDMI cables ready for future add on consoles, to just plug and use. Left over jobs to be done: Full Length Mirror for Mini Walk-in Closet (2nd - 3rd July) Glass Works - (2nd - 3rd July) MBR Shower Screen Door Common Bathroom Shower Screen Door Kitchen Half Wall Fixed Panel Kitchen Sliding Door Kitchen Glass Backsplash Tiler Touch Ups on Goutlines - (2nd - 3rd July) Kitchen & Both MBR + Common Bathroom PS: I will do a final review on my ID and other renovation contacts after the final hand over.. Any contact recommendations will also be given out after the official hand over..
  9. Today TV Installation.. Hubby took this picture after installation done, he says that this guy who install our TV very pro, almost dust free. Courts T&C state No wall-mounting will be done on ceilings or feature walls *especially ours got no real wall backing, we don't want hassle*, so end up we only get the free bracket which came with the TV purchase, and hired Dorne to do it for us.. Didn't want Dennis's to do it cos they don't provide warranty, TV drop after that then GG. Dorne charge $50 (discount to $42 in the end cos we bought cable from him too) labour charge to install on our TV swivel feature wall, with Lifetime Warranty. He also teach Hubby how to do it so he can do it himself next time if we wanna change TV in future. I think its quite a good deal, as others quote around $80-$120 with no (or the most 1 year) warranty. Happy!