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  1. Hi all, We jus move in to HDB and havent change door lock. Thinking of just changing the big square padlock for the grill gate but home fix sells for $138! so ex! we're also thinking whether its more worth it to change lock of the wooden door? another option is to change the whole grill gates but a bit sayang because we just repaint it.... anyone can share experience? big thanks!
  2. whats the procedure like? ask PE to come down and assess 1st? how long is this process itself? All IDs I've met nv offer this alternative leh...
  3. Welcome!! Have a smooth sailing reno
  4. hai hai... mind telling me who is ur ID in Ideal Hse? I think im going to settle with em this wk and sign the dotted line...
  5. so excited to find this thread! I just bought EA in sengkang too and in the midst of selecting ID. Yr floorplan is very similar with mine and now is just a big headache deciding what we want! Yr reno so far looks good. Post more pics!
  6. Welcome fellow EA! I'm more or less at the same stage as you. Currently very frustrated selecting an ID and the pressure is bigger each day. I hope I can quickly settle with an ID soon. Wishing you smooth journey and post more pics ya? cheers!
  7. I met with AO recommended by a friend who just signed with him. He was patient going thru with our floor plan for 2 hours but he ask me to hack all built in which I dont like. He is not giving me solution but trying to max their profit.... IMHO
  8. hi Silverfins, this is the original floor plan given by HDB. Currently the seller is using this area as dining area. So currently no balcony
  9. WOW congrats on ur new hse! Just in time for hari raya...... Love the sofa! mind sharing where do you get it and how much?
  10. sigh im not sure how to load pics from Image Shack
  11. Hey all, I know that the wall highlighted in black cant be hacked. But what about making a hole in the middle of the wall, leaving the top, below and sides column intact. This will make the wall look like a frame. Just bought this place and the current owner is using the balcony as dining area. Im planning to make the place into a lounge area for me to relax and read my books. So im hoping to place will be brighter and better airflow by making a column in the wall... Help! Please advise.... *crossing my fingers
  12. nice showeeerrrr *envy* thanks for the info... will go check em out this wknd....
  13. wishing you a smooth reno... cant wait to see what the balcony will turns up to....