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  1. I have a unique problem. I had renovated my house 3 years back. But, the plumbing contractor never changed all the pipes in kitchen. He left the old copper pipe behind the cabinet unchanged. Now the copper pipe (10 yrs old already) started developing fine hole and started leaking. I engaged a plumber to change the leaking portion only (managed to change without removing the cabinet by braking open a small potion of cabinet). The leaking problem is fixed. But to make the things worse, his waking an shaking during installation made another joint (the very entry point of the pipe into the unit) to leak and now this joint is no way accessible without removing the cabinet. Can any kind soul help me to solve this problem with minimal damage to my existing cabinet and with minimal cost? Any type of useful advise/knowledge sharing/contractor recommendation is welcome. I tried to illustrate the leak as much as i can in the photo below. Close up of the changed pipe.
  2. Very nice reno done there. Congrats!
  3. I just saw a 'Push Cart' stall in Harbour Front center selling the wall decals. Its in level 2. Once you come out of MRT (exit B, i think) take the excalator near bread talk to level 2. The shop is on to your left as you come out of escalator.
  4. ashomech

    Clock Hands

    Try searching in dealextreme. See the link below. http://www.dealextreme.com/p/stylish-diy-interior-decorating-wall-clock-1-aa-color-assorted-43137
  5. I Got My Solid Nyntoah doors fron Yon Tat the price is 200++. Good workmanship and professional service.
  6. Hi the living room is granite floor. Its not cement screed. Sorry for such a delayed answer.
  7. This has been already discussed here and here. I hope they are helpful to you.
  8. Hi, Did you manage to find the hinge damper? Care to share the shop address?
  9. Try Affrendz @ AMK Northstar. You should get good price there. Do not hesitate to bargain. I bought my New Duchess (Q size) + Bed frame+ 2 pillows+ 2 mattress protectors for $1500 in the month of august'10. Which was the cheapest in the town that time.
  10. Wow, Nice reno. Very tastefully done. Enjoy!
  11. As many people mentioned above. Lowest price for the lights i was looking for. Bought 7 lights in total. Later went and ordered 2 fans (forgot the brand) with remote control. But the next day the person called me to tell that the remote control is not available. So i requested them to cancel the order. for which they obliged and sent me the the cheque for the money that i paid them. No questions asked and no deductions were made as they do not have the stock of the product. Even the person apologized for the inconvenience caused to me. I strongly recommend this place
  12. Hi Ken, PM sent to you. All the best
  13. I Used Yontat doors for all my 3 bedrooms. Price is reasonable and service is prompt and good. Only problem is the lead time they take is more than 3 weeks as they have to find the time slot for installation. In my case, they told me if they find a earlier time slot available they will inform me. They eventually had a slot 1 week ahead of agreed date and they came and installed. PS: The sales lady (forgot her name) may be little moody/grumpy when you talk to her. Maybe, her facial expression is like that.
  14. Hi JeanL, I am using 'BJURSTA dining table(Article number: 40161722) from IKEA' that was gifted my friends during house warming. I was skeptical in the initial days. but, i was proved wrong. The table is very useful especially while we have more guests. I could expand the table in a jiffy and whoila... it can accommodate 6 people. . I recommend this table.