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  1. hi, pls kindly contact me should u still need to do up ur bedroom floor. Cheers..!!

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    Hi Any forumers have contractor's recommendation for retiling of a common bedroom of estimated size 3x5m. And what would be the estimated cost. The existing tile to the room has debonded and thus have to be removed. I do not mind doing it in laminated floor also. A lot of contractors that I have approach do not want to do it due to the small size. Now I'm stuck... Thanks.
  3. Just wondering why do u want to change brand when Toshiba Inverter system have been serving u well. I used Toshiba inverter system at my old place and my new place. Been very reliable. I installed a system 2 and a system 3. Actually it all depends on how big your place is. The air con people should be able to give u better advise with your floor plan. But heard Mit Starmex is good, very easy to clean. Maybe u can consider that if u r a very hands on person.
  4. Mine is Hitachi R-W691EMS. Bought last year. Sometimes there is funny sound that comes out of it. Otherwise, performance ok.
  5. So tempted to get one. But seems like no one has tried using it.
  6. Each has it's pros and cons. It is just a matter of preference.
  7. Hi I could always smell a strong gas smell within my cabinet where the hob is located. I have called in City Gas twice but they were unable to detect the leak via their equipment. Also, they mentioned that the gas meter did not run which means there is no gas leaking. I tried to air the cabinet after cooking. After the smell is gone, I would close it. Before I cook again, when I opened the cabinet, I could smell the gas again?! So is there a leak?! If anyone has this similar experience, could you please share with me. Thanks.
  8. I have Venetian blinds for all the rooms and curtain for the living. I do not find Venetian blinds that hard to clean, close the blades and u can clean it as if u r cleaning any roman blinds. Because the blades are adjustable, u can control privacy and vary the amount of lighting to come into your room without compromising on ventilation. And when it rained, I could open the windows for ventilation without the rain coming in. Contrary, I don't know how dirty my curtain gets and got to dismantle it for washing and drying from time to time, although u may not see the dirt in your naked eye. And when it rained, I definitely got to close my living windows.
  9. U mean a drainer? Dish drainer? Got mine from Song Cho at AMK. Hoe Kee also has them. Those shops selling kitchen assessories will have them too. But if u are just looking at replacing the tray, guess u just have to source around. Difficult to find one that will fit exactly unless u know where u got yours from initially.
  10. I like your apartment layout.
  11. Thank you all for the recommendations. Will check these out.
  12. Checked out the website; the range looks quite impressive.
  13. Hi I have a 3 and 2 seater sofa which is in a good condition. But the covers have already worn off. The covers are just two big pieces of fabric that are welco onto the sofa. Anybody knows where I could tailor these covers? Any what would be the estimated cost? Thanks!
  14. It means a drop in level of 100mm.