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  1. I highly suspect I have a Mother Lizard in my storeroom (last seen) as I been getting baby lizard once every 1-2weeks crawling. Just saw one! Besides the pandan leaves, lemon grass teabags, how do u locate that lizard? =( Hb not @ home!
  2. Why mine is the other way round! Supermarket ones nicer... Cries..... Shall upload my heart-shaped cookies soon!
  3. really adorable! I made my heart-shaped cookie cos it is the easiest shape, i figured! lol =)
  4. Mine is a Panasonic 2-in-1 with convection. =) I am trying my second set and oh my gosh... it cant even be removed frmo the pan without breaking apart! now my heart-shaped cookie looked like a wreck =( Why is my cookie so soft.. and simply just melt in mouth? Should I add more flour? What can I do with the dough? =((
  5. Oooh thanks! hahaha. My cookie sheet too big to put on the turntable glass, so resort to this small rectangle box (something like Saralee cake type). My cookie is called melt-in-the-mouth cos i added corn flour (read somehwere). But i think I added too much. cos it is too melty that my hubby commented he couldnt even bite, and is gone! Should I add less? So exciting to bake! =))
  6. Congrats! Yeap but we dont have alot of carpentry.
  7. AHHHH.. Inspired by the cakes and cookies here, the baking noob has decided to launch a butter cookie attack. But while my cookie is spinning in the micorwave cum conventional oven, I am not sure if my cookie sheet is microwave safe. Anyone knows if we can put thatinto such a monster?
  8. I am using Hyflux Gurgle =)
  9. Thanks! ^^ We had to make do with our limited budget
  10. Yeap! Just give him a call and an hour !u cam always decide to take him Or not in future! Like Neubie, he also do follow up after all payment done, making sure things are still good.
  11. Hee.... I hope so too!!!! Enjoy the process of Reno! Very fun and tiring! Hehe
  12. Hahaha yes!!!! Can't seem to feel that I spent too much time @ home
  13. That is what I love about alan! U don't need to care about the measurements. Just need to provide him number of doors. M My glass door is 6.8m by 12 feet. Hahaha sorry about the weird metrics. That is what I remember. Can't say a 10 cos surely will have issues here and there but got problem, can resolve. That is what is matter. Think alan is the boss... His company is alan furniture. Hahaha . No website portfolio kind. Just meet him and chat.
  14. Hahaha NO REGRETS! Alan must thank u! hahaha.. Now my upstairs downstairs neighbours all wanna engage Alan for their own home, for their sons/daughters home. lol. Cos most of them see Alan during day time, when they just pop by to view the reno progress. Either Alan camps by my place often, or he is very heng to meet up with them whenever they are looking around. Love the house to bits!
  15. Yeap included! =) Have u started your hunt for contractors? I did major re-wiring cos it was there since 30 years ago. Alan had re-wired most, and also tried to hide a few wires so that it doesnt look that ugly.