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  1. My master toilet is quite humid as there is not much sun entering the toilet........So now got some humid smell leh =( So I am thinking of install a small ventilation fan in my master toilet to improve to air circulation in the toilet Any one got good recommendation for contractor to buy and install ventilation fan??? sms (98288336) or pm me for good lobang !!! thanks in advance
  2. congratzzzzz!!! for the comments, it depends on individual one. Dont expect to pay peanuts and hope for all sorts of freebies and discount that other people are getting. ... Be realistic.. after all, we are living in a expensive country wo..
  3. thks for the contact!~!!! tmr or sat , i go hunt for it !!! wish me luck!!
  4. which hardware shop??? i tried aljunied and kallang.. dont have leh
  5. currently i am using this type of damper ( but i got them from Malaysia @S$1) but after using these for 1 week (normal usage) , some of the dampers will break off liao .. 2 weeks liao, i goo 8 pieces broken leh.....think malaysia's quality not that good wo So now i need to replace them .. Currently i think ExcelHW is selling @ $5 per piece for this type of damper ( for this type of hinges) personally i think is abit ex wo... Blum's cost less wo (but i cant use them) Any one know where i can get damper for my model of hinges? Hinge design just sms me at 98288336
  6. i am using Fujistsu...for my 3 rooms quite quiet + its 4 x TICKs can try
  7. u mean the kitchen floor or wall?? floor>> not advisable>> cos will be damm slippery Wall>> go for it!!>> easy to wipe and maintance
  8. I just renovated my hse this year.. for the past 1 year, when i hunt for quotes.. the Contractors' pricing is almost the same/slight cheaper as most ID ' pricing.. so get ID better but since urs is MINOR reno... maybe contractors is good BUT u better look for quotes from BOTH parties .... better to SEE for yourself
  9. u can try parisilk .. got a few branches.. quite good.. i got all my appliances from then @ the Katong branch
  10. sorry for the late reply... i was bz with work .. for my experience with Sunny.. 1) He is not pushy and he listen to our "ideas" and he will give us his opinions. For e.g. there is one case that i want to change windows grill my whole house (4 rooms) cos the colour is old and they are 6+ yrs old liao.. But sunny told us that the $$ spent will be useless. He said "it is like tearing down 1 item (grille) and putting back another Similar design one".. hence he told me to change those who are really beyond repair one.. He got me a matching colour grills for them. 2) He reallly monitor and update me on the work progress.. i am one who like to get things done chop chop and with NECESSARY explaination.. not those long long explanations.. Sunny happen to suite my style of working. He will call me to give me updates on the big events or big problems that my hse have and once we settled down on the solution/design, he will do it ASAP.. (not drag them for a few days and forget.).. Damm efficient 3) the most impt one>> is that he allow me to extend my contract for 1 year. i signed up with him in April 2009, after we got the keys. BUT because of work, i had to fly to China for 1 mth in Nov .. Thus renovation on Oct was push back to late Dec .. Then during Late dec, we find that it is pointless to start reno as CNY 2010 is in early FEB ==> if we start reno in Jan 2010, the workers work 3 weeks then have to rest for 1 -2 weeks for CNY.. Sunny mentioned that it will affect the progress and quality.. so never start. MArch My wife and i were bz with work .. so NO go for reno :LOL. In the end, we decided to start MID april (FINALLY). IN the process, the reno work have to stop for 3 weeks in May as i had to go overseas for work. End of the day, the reno work was completed b4 the "ghost mth" TOTAL >> i dragged the contract for 1 year... i think RARELY got ID will be so good to let clients drag so long b4 starting work ....Hence i am quite grateful that my ID allows us to start at OUR CONVENIENT timing (not his). for the infor, i am just speaking from my personal experience . My renovation link is BELOW... take a look for proof If you need a good ID and u dont know one, i ill strongly recommend my ID (sunny).. if you need his contact, just pm me or sms me@ 98288336 or email me >> limck007@gmail. For new-hse owners if u are looking for Any other lobangs/ help, just let me know.. i try to see if i can help =D
  11. MAX width => must include any protruding sides when the fridge doors are open......... If u measure the MAX width & Depth >> 10cm allowances aka 5 cm on each side is more than enough (this is wat i did) BUT u can leave slight MORE gap.. cos the gap can be used for ventilation >> allow hot air to escape when the fridge is operative
  12. yup , i agreed too.. If ur ID act as contractor only>>> then no point paying for his services. Your ID must give u some advice on the "common + useful" design and "harmful/in-practical" designs for your house. My ID and i >> we discuss about some of OUR ideal designs... 1)but he also tell us that SOME of our BEST designs = MORE work/maintenance for us in the future. SO BETTEr not have them.. 2) He also tell us to get more Storage space/cupboard since we dont have a store room. + It is more expensive to erect new store room too. ID is impt as it give u more insights to reno choose ur ID is impt.. do let me know if u need my ID for ur advice