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  1. Would like to know too...! Is this company reliable, workmanship good and price reasonable?
  2. Anyone engage one design Werk? Saw them at Singapore Expo and their design quite nice..
  3. HI bro, Please send me the catalog and price for ceiling fans with LED lighting. Thanks.
  4. Hi, Did anyone engaged "Singapore Carpentry" before? From their website, it seem like the price is very reasonable and perhaps maybe cheaper than ID...so would like to know their workmanship and quality of final product done. Thanks. www.xxxxx.sg
  5. Would like to know the est cost too. * mike, can pm the price if you have received any quotation? Thanks.
  6. Thanks for sharing the info...indeed very useful.
  7. Nice and unique loft bed...mind PM the cost of building it? Is it safe without the bottom leg/pill support?
  8. From what I know, none of the tiles in the market is scratch free. Those good one is less prone to and not easy scratched.
  9. Hi all, It's fine & light scratches with marks. I have tried using floor cleaning solution and eraser to rub again it but of no helps.
  10. Hi all, Can anyone advice how to get rid off scratch lines on homogeneous tiles? The scratches lines were created by the sofa plastic footer when my wife drag it...any cleaning solution helps?
  11. What is the actual name for it?