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  1. Hi Bro, Need some advice. I have a high ceiling, about 7M at the highest point, its a angled ceiling. I wanted to have a ceiling fan with light, the floor area is about 3M by 3M for the living area. What do you suggest? I want to put a ceiling light as well on another side of the dining area, but need long chain to suspend it, will you be able to install? Also, I'm looking at LED downlights for bedrooms, and installation. Need to re-route TV point/power socket from one side of the living room to opposite side. Do you have a shop front? How can we see the design of your products? or do we buy and you install only?
  2. On this topic again, anyone had any experience building up a carpentry loft? Any question, how safe is a carpentry loft? Thanks.
  3. Hi, I'm thinking of invincible grill, and also wants to have magnetic screen to keep out insects. Is there a combined grill and screen where I only need the screen, i.e. the screen can also be strong enough as a grill? Any suggestions? Thanks.
  4. Hi dinitegrity, Thanks for the information. Do you know of any information on designs of loft / deck that would fall under not required for approval and required for approval? Thanks.
  5. Hi, Anyone familiar with Loft/Furniture Deck for condo living / bedroom? i google around but could not find anything yet. Thanks.