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  1. okok.. thanks for sharing.. i have more clearer idea on valuation report. i will pass the msg to my sis.
  2. Ah okok.. that is a good example. so i suppose she has to compare with 4-room flat transactions instead of overall transaction (combine of 4, 5 room & EA) at that area.
  3. hmm okok.. another question, since it is a 4 room flat valuation report, so i suppose to they have to base on recent 4 room flat transaction to gauge the value the flat? yes, 5 transactions, in the past 1 yr for 4 room flats.. but lot more transactions on 5 room flat instead. I believe we cannot base on 5 room flat transactions right?
  4. you got a point there. she is kinda 'blind' by agent's words. especially when agent was saying most likely the valuation will increase. she actually only plans to pay around 25k cov. am i right to say that the valuation will not differs much in 2 weeks time?
  5. My sis recently signed OTP on a resale flat (4 room). When she view the flat, the valuation report already expired, it was previously valued at 450k. The owner had resubmitted the valuation report, hence, she signed taking a risk that the hopefully the valuation will goes up. The agreed purchase price is 490k. Then yesterday she gotten the valuation report that the price did not change. She does not want to fork out 40k cov, which is not part of her plan. She thought of backing out, and lose the 1k deposit, but the agent suggested to redo the valuation with other valuer. The unit is very rare, the past 1 yr there is only 5 units transact at that area. Thats why she signed without valid valuation report. The question is will the valuation report change if done with different valuer? need urgent advice on this.
  6. morning peeps! how is everyone?? today not that busy.. so drop by and say hello!
  7. haha.. i also have no time to talk to you lah.. self entertain ah..
  8. morning! How is everyone? I been pretty busy recently, thats why seldom come in..
  9. eh.. why go zoo.. animals got what nice thing to see?
  10. going to be a busy weekend.. tml my cousin wedding.. attending tea ceremony and dinner.. then sat got to get busy with my friend's rom.. discussing abt her venue decor and her dress fitting.. got to help my mum do some major stuffs.. going to take leave next friday.. woo.. i am busy bee..
  11. morning! finally all colleagues are back.. can finally relax a little..
  12. 7% leh aunty.. already recession.. still need to help you pay gst leh..
  13. konnichiwa!~ had a busy weekend also.. upcoming may also a busy month..