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  1. Hi friend, I read your aircon post. May I know how long you have used your Toshiba aircon? Is that an inverter? And what's your reason for changing to other brand?

    thanks & cheers,


  2. Bro, if the problem arised during/after servicing, believe you have the right to ask them to check and recifiy without any cost.
  3. Yup, as advised by cannonsia, saw one at Jurong Point selling all kinds of 2nd hand controllers. Alternatively, is it possible to call-up Daikin to check with them if you can get it directly from them?
  4. Hairline cracks are usually the after-effects of renovation such as hacking of walls or drilling. Unfortunately, guess it's inevitible and you will need to contactly paint over the hairline cracks when they appear.
  5. Would you consider getting a 2nd opinion from another installer/technician? You can check the forum for some good contacts.
  6. You may also want to consider other established brands such as Daikin or Mitsu elec. I'm current using Mitsu Elec Invertor but find it a just a tad noisy if I switch the fan mode to the max. Alternatively, you can also check out Daikin which my folks has been using for the longest time.
  7. Thats considered quite a good catch wiht the 5-yr warranty. And you are right with getting a good installer too cos even with warranty, the inconvenience caused with all the servicing & rectification is gonna be a hassle. But brands like Daikin which my folks has been using for the longest time has no problem at all even without regular servicing. But then again, they would usually only on it when sleeping.
  8. No worries mate... as this is a long term investment, you may want to consider gettting more established brands like Daikin Invertor to avoid future dissapointments(check out the forum and you will find reviews and issues with other brands). And getting a good installer also plays a part in having the systems fitted nicely and without future problems too (you can check the forum for installer review as well).
  9. Perhaps you may want to consider buying 2 separate systems - one for living/dining and one for all bedrooms. Consider a higher BTU for living/dining as compared to the bedrooms. If the usage is intensive, an inverter system would help you save on $$$. I've just shifted in to my new house and is using Mitsu Elec invertor units. Good quality and peformance but reckon if the noice is a tad quieter when switch to high-fan would be even better. Alternativly, you may also cosider Daikin which my folks have been using for the longest time. Great in performance and quality too.
  10. For other parts of the unit which cannoth be detached, remember to mask it using masking tape to avoid spraying onto the wall.
  11. Wow, that's quite a good buy for an established brand like daikin
  12. Just did a check and the filter looked okie. Checked with my folks on their daikin unit too and they mentioned that they would usually clean the filter almost quarterly.
  13. Hmmm...but my folks set it to high fan as well but the it generated less noise than my Mitsu Elec Inverter. Also, heard from the servicing guys that its best to set it to the max for optimum performance. If set to lower fan, issues may arise in the long run. Not sure how true is this.
  14. Cheaper in the short run but not in the long run. Anyway, the cost difference is about a couple of hundreds I think.
  15. Agree... Better do it with the reno. Otherwise, its going to be more expensive if you leave it till the next round. Get reliable and established brands such as Daikin or Mitsu Elec inverters. Its a worthy investment in the long run. My folks is using Daikin and i'm using Mitsu Elec which is a tad noisier. If you look up the forum, think you will find feedbacks on the various brands.