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  1. hi real paiseh. i need the contact also. i wanna do a simple kitchen cabinet. my current one spoil already. need contact . can sms me at 91767004
  2. http://postimg.org/image/6xid39erd/ does anyone know how much to fix the parquet like that? thks..seek quotation from professionals can u sms me at 91767004 for the proper quotation and also state it down here. thks!
  3. Hi can i have the contact for the electrician ? My number is 91767004
  4. hello i need contact for flooring also. can pm me the contact? thks
  5. hello everyone. my kitchen flooring has popped out because of hot weather recently. My house is a standard 4A size , so the kitchen is not so big. does anyone know how much it will cost to retile the flooring for the kitchen? shld it be entire floor be retiled or the affected area only? thks so much for help. any flooring specialist to recommend? my number is 91767004 http://postimg.org/image/ng3jxq6dh/
  6. Hi all, I have an alkaline water ioniser at home and I allow my tenant to use it. She left, and now I do not wish to let my new tenant use the ioniser due to several factors. Is it a landlord's responsibility to provide fresh supply of drinking water for tenants? I've something that I would like to hear your views on. Thanks!
  7. i don't want a super old and beaten one. just wanna get a not so big one to put in room. anyone? sms me at 91767004
  8. selling a good condition full set of table and chairs. shifting out sale. http://img855.imageshack.us/img855/773/tablechairs.jpg very new. sms me at 91767004 purchased them for over $400 please arrange for own transport
  9. anyone has a used but not badly abused or in bad condition tv? i want something still can be used. An lcd tv would be sufficient. buying to help out some non profit organisation. sms me at 91767004. cheers. thks
  10. me thinking of removing parquet flooring because i suspect might have bed bugs and i wanna put tiles instead. any recommendations mates?
  11. hi guys. happy new year. My parquet flooring kena infested with bed bugs. i wanna retile them with normal tiles or maybe laminate wood put on top. Which do you think is a more cost efficient way to fix the issue for good? thks! really seek advice
  12. just bought few months ago hardly ever used. bought it at 88 each. Selling for one at $55 sms me at 91767004
  13. i never mentioned that it's got to do with indians or nationality. just mentioned it to be in detail of what is happening..it's really frustrating me alot. they were extra rude and nasty to me and want me to bear full cost of everything. i don't believe in luck anyway. i will try to find a way.
  14. i understand that i have to keep it in a tenatable condition. but what if they bring in cockroaches, hair lice or rats..all these under land lord? they reported this problem after 5 mths. and still my issue? i am at a lost. the parquet also i pay for it? =(
  15. My tenant from India rented my whole unit and shifted in on 1st January 2012 and we did a thorough cleaning with a cleaning company before handing over the unit. We had also stayed in my own unit for slightly more than 1 week before the current tenants moved in without having any issues. On 1st Jun, the tenant’s agent called us regarding a bad infestation of bed bugs and wanted us to replace all the furniture + pest management service and be fully responsible for the beg bug problem in the house. We refused because of several reasons after doing some homework and the below are quoted from Wikipedia: Dwellings can become infested with bed bugs in a variety of ways, such as: ▪ Bugs and eggs inadvertently brought in from other infested dwellings by visiting pets,[37] or a visiting person's clothing or luggage ▪ Infested items (such as furniture, clothing or backpacks) brought in ▪ Nearby dwellings or infested items, if easy routes are available for travel (through duct work or false ceilings) ▪ Wild animals (such as bats or birds)[38][39] that may also harbor bed bugs or related species such as the bat bug ▪ People or pets visiting an infested areas (apartment, subway, movie theater, or hotel) and carrying the bugs to another area on their clothing, luggage, or bodies With all the references above, how could anyone pin point that we were the ones who brought in the bed bugs? It would be very unfair to let the landlords bear the full consequences based on something indefinite. Prior to this, the tenant engaged a pest management company on the 8th May with a follow up on 22 May and advised them to throw away all heavily infested mattresses and furniture. Apparently the tenant did not know what to do and only wrapped up the mattresses and continued to sleep on infested beds. The tenant and agent met up with us a few days later and we came to a settlement whereby we will pay for the first pest control and replace 1 bed and the sofa if it cannot be salvaged. The tenant will pay for the subsequent pest control and replace the other 2 beds. The pest control company came on 8th June and the tenant asked them how long the bed bugs have been there. He replied “1 or 2 months” and that bed bugs take about 1 month to multiply. Based on his answers, if we minus 3 months from June, it will be in March that the bed bugs came in. The tenant shifted in on Janurary, there are subsequent 2 months where nothing happened. That’s a few more reasons to think that it couldn't be us. Today, 22nd June is the 3rd and the last treatment and the pest control guy said that there is a heavy infestation inside the parquet and asked us to replace all of it. It has put us in a very difficult position as we have already agreed to pay for the pest control and furniture, now we still need to pay for re-doing up parquet which is going to cost a bomb. The tenant’s agent kept using the sentence on us “it’s fully the owners duty to keep the house in a tenantable condition”. How should we deal with such statements when it concerns of a pest, not a structural default or defect in the house? Fellow readers, what will you do if you were in our shoes? Any good advice will be deeply appreciated.