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  1. Welcome neighbour... we are frm strathmore too.. since 2011... at blk 52 , good idea to have a FB grp
  2. i saw them too! was near the lion dance area... definitely an electrifying atmosphere that day!
  3. yuy i grew up in queenstown, therefore this place will always have a special charm. I have been hoping to return here after moving to Jurong.. even if the price was higher back then for this unit, I think I will still be bent on getting it... cos everything revolves around it's location! if you talk about the block itself, it is the most outward-facing among 5 blocks in the estate . For every floor, there are 6 units, 3 outwards facing and 3 inwards facing (into the other blocks in the estate itself). Among the 3 outward facing units , 1 has its view partially blocked due to the structure of the building while the other 2 have totally unblocked view... the fact that it is the 2nd highest unit with such a fantastic view also makes it hard to resist as I was previously from a topfloor unit. in view of all these, I knew it would be hard to find something like this if I gave it up... if you talk about the area, it is really in a centralised location. its just a few mins drive to town area (including my workplace) so you can imagine all the cost savings in terms of time and petrol. furthermore, we have a decent network of bus services at our bus stop and mrt is just 5-10 mins walk away. Sometimes , we just hop onto the public transport instead. groceries shopping is also a breeze as we have a suburban mall with ntuc within walking distance , so unlike previously when we had to drive to IMM/Jurong Pt for our groceries, we just spread out our groceries shopping over a few evenings after dinners with a relaxed stroll to the mall/ntuc. yunyunhere sure , go ahead! we are all here to share ideas! for ourselves, i tend to think of it as just a downgrade in floor area... everything else would be an upgrade...
  4. definitely not 100k COV back then... *phew*
  5. Hi Wooofie sorry for the late reply. For the 1/2 hacked kitchen wall, it was done by the previous owner. I believe it is a requirement when you are hacking part/entire wall in the flat, we had to engage 1 for the hacking of our study rm. As for the pricing, you probably need to look around... $800 like kinda expensive just for a 'signature'.... I was luckly as I worked in an engineering related environment and my colleague recommended another colleague who is a PE. Akitsuki Thanks, that is the main reason for buying this unit...
  6. you are right its really windy lately, both day and night, wind coming from the south we are staying in strathmore too!
  7. Thanks! I guess it is about getting your husband to get used to it. we have a kid as well, but he is still small, when he gets older, i think we need to close the main door next time
  8. I grew up here and have missed this place when i got married and shifted to jurong... am glad to move back here again after 7 yrs you are right, you can't complain about the location, we paid quite an amount for this resale flat but no regrets... anyway, Ghim Moh is still considered very near to town walking distance to holland V?
  9. welcome to the neighbourhood! i am staying nearby as well
  10. not exactly that near, about 2km away i am at queenstown
  11. try removing with blade of a penknife?
  12. congrats on your new place! can see your flat from our window Should have very good seaview there
  13. About 50K excluding flooring and kitchen
  14. I got that particular track light off the shelf from IKEA. To be honest, it is not exactly that bright as the 3 holders only comes with 1 led each. suggest you can get those customisable ones from light shops, 4-5 holders with 3 led each will be it would be quite sufficient, u just need to adjust the direction of the holders to throw the evenly light across the room.
  15. congrats and welcome neighbour! when i first saw my unit, it looked pretty small as well, we were not used to it as we were previously staying in a spacious 5 room but later we realised that it is because the owner had many bulky furniture that is giving the 'squashed up' impression. anyway, after our reno, there is a big difference u just need your ID to do a bit of smart planning and designing and choose suitable furniture