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  1. is that called? when either party meet mishap then the housing loan dont need to continue paying? and roughly how much is it?
  2. can i check where do you guys get the big boxes to put ur items inside for moving house? and how much is it if i were to purchase myself so that i can unpack myself during my free time.
  3. Of coz can do false wall and tv w/o ceiling lah that structure is standalone!
  4. does it include the hello kitty also? what material is used?
  5. is common.. for older HDB. ur unit is not new one right?
  6. buy? i hardly see any shops selling.. but sure can make with one with ur IDs
  7. to cover up mean another thickness of material will be used up, thus the space will be eaten away..
  8. or that corner can design to be a entertainment corner ???
  9. can build with build-in drawers type ????
  10. their products is real expensive... not for me at least~