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  1. thanks... glad to hear that... i will monitor the crack.. 1st time buyer. dont know anything about building
  2. Those are tiny hairline, but I am not sure whether the wall itself crack or paint crack. BTW, usually how long is the warranty? Can't recall got warranty statement in the contract.
  3. Thanks. so, after repainting several times, the crack won't go bigger?
  4. I got my house about 1 year ago, but I noticed five crack lines around the house and one of them is vertical crack. Those are thin lines, like hair crack. Is it because of the painting issue or the wall itself got crack? Should I ask the building management to fix it? Is there a warranty for new condo? Previously got one diagonal top-to-bottom 1-metre crack and I asked the management to fix it, but it was within the first year. Thanks.
  5. Can anyone recommend good contractors to redo false ceiling? OpenNet going to install cables at my place and I need to put it inside the false ceiling. I need someone who is good in opening the false ceiling and patch it back. I cannot use my previous ID. It is too expensive :-( Thanks.
  6. I have 3 places of hairline cracks in my wall after 1 year my apartment is completed. Should I call the building contractor to patch it up? Or, should I leave it like that? Will it cause any problem or bigger crack in the future if I leave it? How long is the usual warranty for a new private apartment? I didn't see any warranty statement in the contract. Thanks.
  7. Can you recommend some good contractors and contact numbers to patch my false ceiling? OpenNet need to lay the cable inside my false ceiling so I need to get a good contractor to open a hole and patch it back. I cannot use my existing ID. It is too expensive :-( Thanks.