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  1. Hi, How much did that Tv Console and Wall Feature cost you? And where did you get the console?
  2. Hi all, Was wondering whether it is cheaper to buy quilt, matress cover, pillow cover etc from JB? Does Jusco have good prices?
  3. Hi all, Want some feedback on buying matresses from JB. Went to Soonly Ann, they have a King Koil Comfort Sleep with Latex Pillow top selling at RM 2199. This comes with Two latex pillows, one bolster and a matress protector FOC. Is this a good buy? Cant seem to find details on this model of matress, is anyone else using it? I tried it, and its comfy, but wanted some feedback before spending the money.
  4. Hi everyone, I checked the price of the 56VK at a shop in Jalan Besar road, and was quoted S$380 without delivery and installation. Is this a good price, or are there shops selling for cheaper?
  5. Here's the breakup $3830 for Sys 4 $ 230 for pipe / insulation upgrade (22G and 1/2" Armaflex) $ 450 for the service package Extended warranty is FOC (expo deal) Installation is one time.
  6. Ok folks went and booked the mitsubishi electric at 4510 including 5 year extended warranty and 2 year 5 visit servicing package. Opted for the 28va compressor and 3x10va for the bedrooms and 24va for the living room. Bought from GC Marina square, salesman was great! Very patient and not pushy. Fingers crossed, hope installation quality is good.
  7. Hi all, Looking for a Electric Storage water heater, about 25 to 35 litres capacity. Any suggestions?
  8. Anyone? Suggestions please.
  9. Hello everyone, What is the general feedback on their prices and quality of light fittings?
  10. Went to GC expo today, spouse liked the Toshiba also. Which is good among Mit Heavy, Mit Electric and Toshiba? Noise levels, cooling, longevity, easy maintenance and availability of spares are my primary concerns. Will appreciate if folks can respond asap, as the gc expo ends tomorrow.
  11. Update. The Brandt hob is sold out in Singapore, next batch is expected to arrive only in early november. Settled for the Electrolux instead. Main attraction was the fully sealed burner design. Bought the Brandt AD990xc hood also at a combined price of 1220$ with 3yr extended warranty for hob and 5 year extended warranty for hood on 24 instalment payment plan. Bought at Harvey Norman Millenia walk. Cash price at the hdb shops is 997$. Hope this helps someone about to make a similar purchase.
  12. How do you like it so far? Any other recommendations?
  13. Edit: Added Electrolux as an option Hi Guys, Getting some very good prices from everjoint for these hobs. Please help me choose. While price is a factor, dont mind paying extra for quality and peace of mind. Safety valve is a must. Plesae suggest a hood with minimum 850 m3 suction power.
  14. Hi all, I want to install a simple wall safe, any suggestions on brand, model and where to buy? Will help if you can indicate approximate prices also.