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  1. Hi does anyone know where to buy metal netting , thinking of DIY screen that will keep out insects and rats.
  2. Hi I'm also thinking of making the insect screen, can you let me know which company did you engage and how much did it cost. Thanks
  3. Hi I wonder if any baking shifu can share their recipe for crispy thin pizza dough? Tried so many recipes but none like the ones we eat outside.
  4. my master bathroom has no window but we made lourve windows above the door, added a wall fan and a ventilating fan on the false ceiling that is vented to the outside. Moved in for 2 months already still ok.
  5. Just sold my condo, it's 1 % to obtain option to purchase and 4% to exercise option 14 days later
  6. Hi just want to ask for any feedback on this company, Imperial Stones, that does granite top. They are offering $65 per foot run for granite top.
  7. Any feedback on Imperial Stones Pte Ltd? They are offering Granite top at $65 per ft run, but not sure of their quality, so I would like to ask if anyone have done their counter top with them. Thanks
  8. We paid $2000 for ours and took them a few weeks to come out with the drawings. That's only the beginning of fees that you will have to pay like submission to URA, BCA, Architect, engineer, Clerk of works, builder, ID etc not to mention the preliminaries before work to start like notice board, boarding up the premise, temp toilet, temp electricity etc.
  9. the surveyor only survey the boundaries to make sure they are correct, the level of the ground,house dimension, i didn't do soil test as we paid our neighbour to share his result of his soil test. It will be good to get all the paper work done and approved b4 sale completion that will save you time. I find the contractors and builders are all very busy ,they may promse you 6 months but you have to be prepared for delays.
  10. Where can I buy Maclaire or Johnson S toilet bowls? Any comment on Baron or Saniton toilet bowls
  11. Looks like you want alot to be done, don't think 6 mths is possible, as getting the plans out and approval might take quite a few months, my A and A took more than 9mths and still didn't get approved, in the end we gave up and just decided to change the roof and simple reno and it has been 4mths and still not completed, might need another 1 to 2 mths b4 we can shift in.
  12. Hi I am deciding between Fujioh 800MK2 and FX900, will appreciate any feedback on either of the models. Thanks