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    Storage Boxes

    dear all wants to get some visual presentable nice metal or metallic looking storage boxes to keep music cd/vcd n to put on tv console..used to c something like that in ikea but recent trip down couldn't find it. anyone out there had seen similar can pls let me know..TIA
  2. hi Zero hope u can help me. Am fussing abt which brand of hood is gd to get since my mum is the one cooking. she do cook daily but not much wok frying..heard so much abt fujitoh something 900..like this abt the high% absorption which mum highly pinpointed. but issue is my future kitchen is small n narrow so ve doubts abt the bulkiness of it. was recommended bosch slimline DHI922GSG when shopping around but is it gd? can u recommend anything similar gd as fujitoh model but compact slimline? sorry to b longwinded..headache la
  3. Oic.. Tks alot.. Will chk it up first.. Update u all once I ve a clearer pic
  4. Dear all i had jus bought a duplex condo..liked the space being spacious nvr thought abt anything else till my mum pointed out that both the common n master toilets have no window. Wondering anyone can advise me how i am gg to maintain both without becoming mouldy as there r no ventilation. thanks in advance!
  5. Hi KM & everyone, I m a newbie here.. Hope the gurus here can guide me to enlightenment..haha.. M starting renovating end of next mth but need to look for built in oven & steam oven as well b4 stocks run out n measurements etc etc.. M looking at these 3 built in models:- Bosch HBA43B450A & Brandt FE811XS1 or FC842XS1.. I know nuts abt them but was recommended by HN guy.. Mum will b the one using not me la.. Orelse bcome white elly..appreciate any helps pls.. & also which steam oven is gd to go along wit it.. Mum go gaga n do love to ve them.. TIA