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  1. i cant PM. u find sg kitchen top dot com
  2. REMOVED LINK. They are an fabricator and installer for many caesarstone jobs. Direct from fty somemore.
  3. Will be good if you able to talk to RCMA, and ask they are able to be the independent audit for this case. This will be useful when it comes to civil suit. Remember, act as if you are highly educated.
  4. Insist that it is a defect. U must sound confident when arguing with them. If they have the cheek to refuse the error or offer compensation, then inform them that you will be engaging a lawyer to sue them for compensation. don mention Small claims, they are immune to such threats.
  5. look for revampkitchentop.com. they will solve it
  6. Whats your sizE? REMOVED in singapore. May get an altenarative quote for comparison.
  7. Don mind my 2 cents worth of comment. 1) Kitchentop/worktop is typically weighs around 30-40kg per set. Prepare to get someone to carry with you. 2) Cracks are commonly found for residential imported tops. Such experiences are quite common for taobao users, whom did attempt to import from china, for worktops.As a result, engage local contractors to fix it but cant be fixed, so redo a new set. 3) Even if infrastructure can be resolved, ALL china quartz,marble,granite suppliers will only leave their good OEM goods for wholesalers, whom have a long term business with them. So overseas individual customer, unless the margin is lucrative, the chances are they will supply defective tops for them. 4) Installation is a straight-forward job. I would advise you to gather more orders from other forumers, or any interested parties and you guys buy in bulk. Attempt to let the china supplier knows that you are intending to do it for long term. In that case, he/she might or may supply you with reasonable quality tops.
  8. hahaha. Stephannie, stop your attempt at destroying people without any valid claims la. SamTheMan purely expose your so-called fantique site with ref. to your so-called made in germany furniture and there you are attempting do such act.
  9. caesarstone. And you can go direct too. Even much cheaper
  10. If you already have your own design, then you might consider looking for direct fty suppliers alternatives for the time being. Such quote can help you as references for quotes comparison.
  11. Of course it is reliable. If not where those IDs get their carpentry work done. The only thing is, they rely alot on drawing to complete the task. Hokkien is a good way to converse or alternatively, chinese. Most importantly, remember to treat them with respect. They are one unique batch of businessman that arent bother too much with profit, but care more about respect to them and their work. Do not argue with them, if there is anything, consult and dont make them feel customers are always right. They can always outright walk out of the work and ignore you, not because they have bad customer service, but they cannot stand bad customers.
  12. The Cushion itself, i.e PU Foam is not water resistance. But the fabric is. As for the UV Protection, yes there are fabric that are UV Protected. As for the foam, there are also water repellent foam available in the market. Cheers
  13. U are a very nice customer. Willing to expect lousy material for your S$300,000 flat. First of such customer i ever come across. *clap*