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  1. HRC why you so happy when Henry of ID Note Design and Build screwed up your renovation ?
  2. Hi, is your reno all good. Can you share your view about this ID please. Thanks
  3. Its high too. Do a google search for more accurate market rate.
  4. Go to EMA website and search for LEW's . easy as that.
  5. I doubts its a member, Sorry hard to trust 1 post users!
  6. Lighting point 12 nos x 35 = 420 Single socket point 12 nos x 45 = 540 15A Air-con point 1 no x 100 Water Heater point 1 no x 100 = 200 $1160 , save 38 dollar ? lol HDB 5Rm rewiring package S$1198.00
  7. This is the famous electrician quotation package for 5 room. Lets discuss 5 Room Rewiring Lighting point 12 nos Single socket point 12 nos 15A Air-con point 1 no Water Heater point 1 no HDB 5Rm rewiring package S$1198.00 Other wiring you need to consider: Ciruit Breaker SCV point Telephone point Double Socket point Hood / Hob / Oven / Microwave point Door Bell point IS THIS a good package to consider?
  8. Some flooring has cert that state low level/safety level of emission , Release is release la , you mean take poison lil bit is ok !?? Wake up your idea dealers.
  9. ILJ

    Kompacplus Top

    Kompacplus if you call the main company they already quote $120. how can it be cheaper than that ?
  10. Hi Guys, There is a big danger in engaging those cheapo unlicensed electrician. I had a chat earlier with HDB and also a family financial planner . They mention that in the event of fire or other accident, if your house has no PUB testing cert you will have hard time to file a claim and compensation. Next, How do you find direct electrician .. https://elise.ema.gov.sg/elise/findworkerservlet?Operation=GetOffer&Item=EL Its easy as that, Best if you can find one near your house and insist to view their cert. Usually their quote is lesser then ID . Good luck.
  11. Obliviously those banned user is self advertising their company. Unethical begin from here what about your job then?
  12. was talking to a forum member over facebook to consider taking ID note as my ID and Contractor for my DIY house reno. He engaged ID note before and this is what he share Cons He is not direct contractor. still a middleman , meaning there is still cheaper then him like Bee Hin Kee etc He like to use the term package and due to this when you remove an item from a list the drop if very very low. He asked me for future suggestions everything ok before u sign , not ok after u sign on paper, advice to take note whatever he said or promise top up is needed for tiles above $3 while others would mind absorbing $3.50 range he will charge a price and wont reduce to any amount with his thousand reason to backup his cost. carpentary not the top material used for the price u paid more suit for BTO quick money projectPros: he gives the best material he can find on the market he is fast attentive and share opinionPlease let me know if you disagree with the above details, Ive invited the guy to this forum,